WWE NXT Review: Amin’s review on Io Shirai vs. Tegan Nox for the NXT Women’s Title

Io Shirai (WWE NXT)

Image Credit: WWE


Highlight package recapping Keith Lee defeating Adam Cole to become the first NXT Champion & North American Champion. This was followed by various NXT stars including Finn Balor mentioning they have taken notice to Lee’s win. The video ended with Karrion Kross saying “Tick Tock.”

WWE Photo

Image Credit: WWE

Keith Lee came out as the NXT recruits sang “Bask in his Glory.” Lee asked Alicia Taylor to introduce him as champion. Lee noted he’s at a crossroads as the last couple months have been difficult and mentioned he felt it. Lee addressed the NXT fans noting he’s still here and there’s something special standing in this ring holding these championships. Lee mentioned back to reality as there are stars in the back who want a shot at his title. Lee noted he didn’t do it by himself as opportunity came. Lee spoke about his trainer Tim Brooks, noted he did it for the NXT fans as they would sing “Bask in his Glory” for him.

Lee called out his frenemy Dominik Dijakovic who mentioned this was Lee’s moment. Lee said it’s about them both. Lee spoke about his matches with Dijakovic brought the best out of both of them. Lee noted he had a talk with William Regal and spoke about have Dijakovic as his first challenger. Lee offered him the match and asked Dijakovic to say yes. Dijakovic said yes as they bumped fists. 

Amin’s Analysis: Solid opening segment here as Lee came off very likely as a fighting champion and explaining why this moment meant so much to him. Liked the explanation of Lee giving Dijakovic the first shot at the titles as it was their classic matches which got the NXT fans excited and wanting to see more from them.

Tegan Nox was shown arriving to the arena.

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Image Credit: WWE


The match began with a strike exchange as Priest took control soon after connecting with a pair of leaping elbow and running spin kick as Grimes rolled to the floor. Grimes countered Priest attempt at a springboard with a forearm smash. Grimes hit a Bossman Slam and a standing dropkick for a pair of two counts. 

The match spilt to the floor as Priest avoided the Cave In and planted Grimes with a Razor’s Edge on the ring apron. Priest followed with a flatliner for a two count. Grimes countered the Reckoning into an inside cradle for a close two count. Grimes caught Priest coming off the ropes with a standing Spanish Fly for a two count. Priest avoided the Cave In as Grimes got caught in-between the ropes. Priest delivered a Cyclone Boot and then planted Grimes with the Reckoning in-between the ropes for the 1,2,3. 


Amin’s Analysis: Lots of good action and fun sequences leading to the finish as Grimes  looked good here getting in lots of offence. As expect a solid comeback win for Priest who always works hard and puts on good performances for the NXT fans.】

NXT Women’s Champion my favourite Io Shirai was shown arriving to the arena.

Thatch-as-Thatch Can Segment: Timothy Thatcher showed WWE PC recruits not shown on camera how to make people writhe in agony when applying a Fujiwara Armbar. Thatcher noted not only do you win the match but you leave a lasting impression. He told the recruits to ask Oney Lorcan.

WWE Photo

Image Credit: WWE


Shotzi came out in her mini-tank looking very cute. Her character is perfect as she stands out from almost all the rest except my favourite Io Shirai. Shotzi delivered a head scissors sending Indi into the turnbuckle. Indi avoided a running senton delivering a dropkick sending Shotzi to the floor. Indi delivered a side slam for a two count. 

Shotzi fired up delivering a reverse Slingblade and then nailed Indi with a Question Mark Kick. Shotzi connected with a cannonball senton into the turnbuckle as Robert Stone came out. Shozi planted Indi with a Face Buster DDT and then went to climb the turnbuckle. Stone distracted the referee as Aliyah yanked Shotzi off the turnbuckle. Indi delivered a running boot to Shotzi for the 1,2,3. 


Amin’s Analysis: This was one of those matches where they wanted to serve two purposes in giving Indi a big win but also move forward with the Shotzi/Aliyah & Stone storyline. That’s fine thinking but just like with Rhea Ripley, not sure how a small program with Aliyah & Stone will help Shotzi moving forward a loss here didn’t help. I would love to see Shotzi bounce back and come out strong out of this program as she’s one of the most charismatic wrestlers on NXT.】

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell asked Tegan Nox about facing my favourite Io Shirai who see called the best female wrestler. Nox spoke about being faster, stronger and shiner. Nox noted how she wants to be champion like Kane and Molly Holly were. 

Tom Phillips was shown on the announcers table as he set up the next segment with Legado Del Fantamsa (NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza.) Santon noted they put Drake Maverick away and now it’s time to celebrate. Mendoza mentioned to not forgot about Breezango who mocked Lucha Libre by coming out in Conquistadors masks last week. Escobar put over both Mendoza & Wilde and noted the Cruiserweight division needs them. Escobar closed by said “We are Legado Del Fantasma.” Mendoza said “We are familia.” They clinked glasses as the camera zoomed on the NXT Cruiserweight title. 

Amin’s Analysis: The production value of this segment was awesome as Legado Del Fantasma came out looking like top stars and have really clicked since coming together. This was great stuff and want to give a big thumbs up to NXT for putting more importance on the NXT Cruiserweight Division.】

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Image Credit: WWE


The lights were down as Alicia Taylor did the ring introductions for the Winner Take All match. The match began with a test of strength battle as Dijakovic and Lee battled for position. Dijakovic delivered shoulder tackles but Lee didn’t go down. Dijakovic delivered a big chop but Lee responded with the Grizzly Magnum. Lee went to climb the turnbuckle early but was stopped. Dijakovic called for Feast Your Eyes but Lee slipped away and smiled. 

Lee connected with a pounce as Dijakovic rolled to the floor. Lee called for a second pounce but Dijakovic moved. Lee held onto the brakes so he didn’t run into the Plexiglas as he and Dijakovic stared off. Dijakovic caught Lee off the ropes with a side slam for a two count. Lee responded by hitting a Rolling Cutter for a two count. 

They battled for position on the turnbuckle as Dijakovic delivered head butts and followed with a Flying Blockbuster but Lee kicked out at two. Dijakovic connected with a Cyclone Boot for a two count. Lee caught Dijakovic coming off the ropes with the Grizzly Magnum. Lee planted Dijakovic with a one-arm Chokeslam and followed with the Big Bang Catastrophe for the 1,2,3. 


After the match, Lee helped Dijakovic up as they embraced. The lights went low as Scarlett came out with a bag in her hand. Scarlett opened the bag and placed the broken hourglass that Lee smashed inside the ring. Lee smiled as Scarlett walked up the ramp. Scarlett stopped as Karrion Kross symbol appeared on the screen.

Amin’s AnalysisAs expected a very great match as both Dijakovic and Lee focused more on the storytelling than showcase their innovative offence. Story here was Lee is now on another level as double champion and Dijakovic had to battle to keep up. The post-match was simple but terrific as Scarlett’s presence is amazing. This looks to be the next championship match which should be announced for the next TakeOver: special. It will be interesting to see if it will be another double title match or will Lee have two separate matches.

My favourite Io Shirai was shown warming up backstage in-front of her “Io Shirai Genius of the Sky” banner.

Amin’s AnalysisAwww! So nice to my favourite Io Shirai throughout the show. Also want to mention that can WWE Shop sell those Io Shirai banner as I would like to get one for my collection.】

Backstage, Dijokovic told McKenzie he’s good but Lee is just on another level. Lee noted Kross isn’t ready for Lee. The camera shook as Karrion Kross who was looking very dapper in a suit issued a warning to Dijakovic. A brawl broke out as Kross delivered a Doomsday Saito Suplex laying out Dijakovic on the floor. Kross said “Tick Tock.”

Amin’s Analysis: Nice way to have Kross on the show and follow up from Scarlett’s post-match segment. Again this was simple but well done as Kross looked like a star. This could be Dijakovic’s send-off match from NXT before going to Raw or SmackDown.】

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Image Credit: WWE


The match began with some nice mat wrestling and take downs as both Denzel and Thatcher battled for position. After some more exchanges, Thatcher took Denzel down with a trip and then transition into a Single Leg Boston Crab for the submission win. 


Thatcher placed Denzel in a Single Leg Boston Crab after the match as Oney Lorcan ran down to make the save. A quick brawl as Thatcher left the ring.

Amin’s Analysis: Denzel looked fine here going toe-for-toe with Thatcher showing off his mat based wrestling style. Solid showing by Thatcher showcasing his submission based wrestling style and the instant tap adds lots to his matches following up from his Thatch-as-Thatch can segments. Post-match was simple and should lead to a rematch with Lorcan and possible a stipulation added.

Robert Stone ran into Killian Dain backstage noting he had a bad week explain he got ran over by a tank. Aliyah appeared and showed another masterpiece from Dexter Lumis. The artwork showed highlights from last week. Dain told Stone to make it up by getting him a match with Lumis.

WWE Photo

Image Credit: WWE


I love my favourite Io Shirai’s entrance as it’s perfect and seeing her with the NXT Women’s Title makes it even more special. There was a tale of the tape graphic. Alicia Taylor was about to do the ring introduction as Nox offered a handshake but Shirai slapped it away. 

The match began with an aggressive tie up as both Nox and Shirai battled for position. Nox connected with a pair of arm drag and then applied a series of pinning combinations for near falls. Shirai took control soon after as she yanked Nox down on the ring apron. Shirai went for a reverse crossbody but Nox countered into a bridging Fallaway Slam for a nice near fall. 

Shirai responded by crushing Nox with a Slingshot Double Knees for a two count. Nox applied a surprise inside cradle for another close near fall. Shirai placed Nox in a head scissors against the ropes. They exchanged strikes as Shirai yanked Nox down by the hair and then connected with a standing double knees for a near fall. Shirai caught Nox coming off the ropes with a flapjack for a two count. 

Shirai placed Nox against the turnbuckle and delivered a standing dropkick into her knee brace. Shirai got the better of a strikes exchange as she yanked Nox to the mat transitioning into a Crossface. Nox placed her foot on the ropes to force a grabbed. The match moved to the floor as Nox moved as Shirai went knees first into the ring steps. Nice call back as Shirai just returned from her knee injury in March. 

Shirai refused to quit as she delivered a Butterfly Backbreaker but tweaked her leg. Shirai showed off her strength hitting a bridging German Suplex but Nox kicked out at two. Shirai went to climb the turnbuckle but Nox stopped her by placing her in the tree of woe. Nox hit a cannonball senton but Shirai grabbed the ropes to stop the referee’s count. Nox hit another cannonball senton and followed with a flying crossbody but couldn’t keep Shirai away. Nox delivered a Chokeslam but Shirai kicked out for a close two count. (These near falls get me too excited as yes, I’m biased and want to see my favourite Io Shirai win.) 

Nox went for a triple running uppercut but Shirai countered with a German Suplex. Shirai crushed Nox with a Bullet Train double knees into the corner. There was cute spot as Shirai connected with a Tiger Feint Kick, smiled and nodded into the camera. (Shirai is  too cute and will always be my favourite.) Shirai followed with a beautiful missile dropkick for a two count. 

Nox battled back as she delivered a face buster and followed with a Molly Go Round but Shirai kicked out for a close two count. Nox called for the Shinest Wizard but Shirai responded with a huge palm strike. My favourite Io Shirai climbed the turnbuckle, posed and delivered the most beautiful looking Shirai Moonsault Press for the 1,2,3. 


My favourite Io Shirai posed on the entrance ramp with the NXT Women’s Title. Dakota Kai came out and delivered a running boot to Io as the show came to a close.

Amin’s Analysis: As expected this match was excellent and was easily Nox is best NXT TV match who’s a great wrestler. I always knew Io would win but as mentioned in my recap those near fall get me a bit too excited. This was so fun to watch as Io is amazing at playing the tweener role as she can play off any opponent and style of match. With the post-match, Shirai can now be the lovable babyface champion against Dakota Kai as they should have a great match. Was also nice to see Io Shirai get the main event spot for her first championship defence. So nice to see Io Shirai as the NXT Women’s Champion as she will always be my favourite.

[Overall Thoughts] The main event was excellent. The other matches and wrestling on the show was good. This was a comedown after two great NXT Great American Bash specials. I would except to see some big angles on the coming weeks to set up the championship programs for the next TakeOver: special during SummerSlam weekend.

Also interesting to note, no Undisputed Era on the show. Will be interesting to see if Adam Cole’s appearance is being saved and be added to the championship match with Kross and Lee. It’s always a thumbs up show for me especially getting to see my favourite Io Shirai.

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