Triple Threat NXT Women’s Championship Match set for TakeOver: In Your House

NXT TakeOver In Your House

The match I’m most forward to watching at TakeOver: In Your House was made official by WWE. My favourite Io Shirai will face Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in a Triple Threat Match for the NXT Women’s Championship. 

The match was announced after Charlotte Flair got herself involved in the main event of NXT when she delivered a big boot to Shirai and then speared Ripley after the match. Charlotte won the NXT Women’s Title after she defeated Ripley at WrestleMania.

My favourite Io Shirai earned a shot at the NXT Women’s Championship when she won a Six-Woman Ladder Match. Shirai looked to have the championship within her grasp when she attempted her beautiful signature Moonsault to the floor. Charlotte moved out the way and attacked Shirai with a Kendo Stick which led to the disqualification. This is now the second time Charlotte has caused a DQ in Shirai’s match.

After losing the NXT Women’s Championship, Ripley made her return two week’s ago as she attacked Charlotte who went to deliver more damage to Shirai’s knee which she just recovered from. Shirai didn’t take kindly to Ripley involved as two argued and brawl backstage. Which lead to their match this week on NXT which ended in a DQ.

What will happen when Shirai, Charlotte and Ripley clash at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. The bigger question remains is will we finally get our moment and see Io Shirai win and become the new NXT Women’s Champion at TakeOver: In Your House.

(Amin’s Analysis: I would like to see this match main event TakeOver: In Your House as this should be excellent. Charlotte and Ripley are very good wrestlers and have had very good matches. However, both of them have been champion. Now, I’m going to get into my big point. Will Triple H finally give me my moment and me seeing my favourite Io Shirai as NXT Women’s Champion? Yes, I’m biased as Io Shirai is my favourite and the reason why I attended TakeOver: Toronto was to see her perform live. Shirai is an amazing wrestler, has been presented as a superstar and would be perfect to lead the NXT Women’s Division as the champion. I want to see my favourite Io Shirai win and become the new NXT Women’s Champion at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.)

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