Keep an eye out on Io Shirai

io-shirai-2-1The Number One Contender for the WWE NXT Women’s Title, my favourite Io Shirai spoke to Tokyo Sports Newspaper  about her transition from Japan to the United States, her time in NXT, her injury she suffered and message for her fans. The interview was done in Japanese. Io Shirai is my favourite so I did my best translate the interview for everyone to read. (Sorry in advance, if there are mistakes in the translations.) Io Shirai you will always be my favourite. 

Here’s the link from Io Shirai’s interview with Tokyo Sports:

My favourite Io Shirai’s interview with Tokyo Sports Newspaper

2020 was the start of bad luck

Io Shirai: I was injured normally in January. Damaged the inner collateral ligament of the right knee. Medical told me that it was “a month to go” and “it’s all healed so badly,” but I thought I could go in a month. It was two months until I came back, but I was surprised to see my recovery so quickly.

Where did you get injured? 

Io Shirai: In a match with Toni Storm in front (right before) of the Royal Rumble, I was surprised when I got caught with the tope on the outside off the field. The knee bent in a bad direction. I was going out to the Royal Rumble but I was disappointed I couldn’t get out. 

Were you depressed? 

Io Shirai: I didn’t break my mind because it wasn’t an injury called a year or surgery, as I couldn’t do professional wrestling. I’ve been doing it for 13 years now. That’s where it’s sliding, so the time when the game has decreased and the miss is connected. I think there is a little disadvantage there.

It’s been a year since I joined the company. Even if you expect to be promoted,

Io Shirai: People may think it’s taking a long time, but if you look calmly, I think it’s going well. NXT has been broadcasting two-hour programs on the USA Network since September last year, and the scale is the largest ever. I think that the road to Teppen is taking time by the amount of time. However, the person who goes out to the television is going out constantly in the situation of part. It’s a steady recognition and support of the fans, and it’s something I’ll say for myself, but i’m also cheering at the venue.

What is your life?

Io Shirai: Thanks to Io, I’m pretty used to it. Even though I thought I was finally used to it, when I woke up the next day, it was quite long to be like, “Oh, I miss Japan.” There were a lot of skills that could be used on the ring, and there was no skill in private life. The language, the eating habits, and the culture were all about not knowing if they didn’t come.

The biggest trouble is

Io Shirai: There’s a lot going on. It comes to mind that the car stopped on the highway on the way to the game. I wanted to call the road service by phone, but i couldn’t get through it, so I spent five hours on the shoulder. I couldn’t go to the game that day, so I was stuck with a laugh.

What is your relationship with other Japanese players?

Io Shirai: Kairi Sane lives in the same apartment. I don’t want to be in strong contact, but I see her every day as a roommate.

Kairi got married on February 22.

Io Shirai: That’s right. It’s nice, isn’t it? It’s nice. I’m saying, “If you’re going to have a wedding, I’ll go to it,” but when will it be? Before she got married, she was consulting with Koi bana.

Do you receive stimulation?

Io Shirai: No love. The stimulation of that one is. I can’t think of it right now. You moved to the United States, and you have a working line, don’t you? I mean, the trouble has disappeared. Because i’m coming to achieve my single assignment equal dream, and then i’m coming up. I’m concentrating on what’s going on. Dream To play the best game in the world on the best stage in the world.

What has been the effect of the coronavirus?

Io Shirai: I don’t see Japan firsthand, but the regulations are stricter in the United States. The bank was not open, and the restaurant was closed early. When I was walking outside, I was like, “Why are you walking out? There is not even such an atmosphere. It’s hard to do that because you have to train and adjust your condition at home. Other than training? Atmori (game “Atsuko Animal Forest”) is it. Playing a game is also the right answer. I’d rather go out. We want to go outside, but it’s important to rest because we can’t.

What is the support?

Io Shirai: I guess everyone’s expectations. Tospo’s award- Tokyo Sports Shimbun’s “Wrestling Grand Prix” was awarded the Women’s Professional Grand Prix for the first three times in a row, and I came here with a backing. I can’t go home halfway. And I got used to life, so I was able to stay here even though I was worried about the world because of the corona disaster, and I was able to be on the side of delivering entertainment to the people on the other side of the camera.


Io Shirai: I wonder if WWE is the only company that is playing games consistently right now. First of all, I want you to take care of yourself and your family’s health. I’m trying to get better through out of the game when I’m bored or want to be brave. I hope you’ll be hot at home and keep an eye on Io Shirai. 

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