Io Shirai’s interview with Tokyo Sports about her upcoming NXT Women’s Championship Match

Io ShiraiThe number one contender for the NXT Women’s Title, my favourite Io Shirai spoke to Tokyo Sports Newspaper about her upcoming NXT Women’s Championship match. The interview was done in Japanese. Io Shirai is my favourite, so I did my best to translate the interview for everyone to read. My apology early if I made any mistakes with the translation. Io Shirai is my favourite and I want to see her win the NXT Women’s Championship this Wednesday on NXT. 

Below is the interview my favourite Io Shirai had with Tokyo Sports. (Here’s a link of the interview.)

The challenge to Charlotte was decided 

Io Shirai: Even before I came to WWE, I wished I could do “Purple Thunder Io vs. Charlotte” someday. In this way, I have been living in the United States for almost two years since July 2018, and I don’t think this is the timing. I went across the sea to change my life in Japan, and it’s like a dream match that’s finally coming. 

Was there a big surprise in yourself?

Io Shirai: I thought I wouldn’t move onto her. This time, I was in the “WrestleMania”, festival of the day, and Charlotte wrapped the belt of NXT. Moreover, I won the ladder match and got the challenge right by the ability. This seems to be a coincidence and is inevitable. 

When were you aware of it? 

Io Shirai: When I was at Stardom, Charlotte Flair began to shine. In the same way, we are doing the Moonsault Press. I thought it was amazing from the time I saw it, and I vaguely said “What happens when you play against each other?” It was just a story of the dream, and I thought it was a story of a far, far world. 

The other day you were named by the Queen 

Io Shirai: The name “Purple Thunder Io” was engraved in her, and it was like a little bit grin. I was provoked to kneel down to the Queen. The same words in the age of Stardom. Sure, I said that, too. Is this a coincidence or an inevitable?

The throne has been challenged three times so far 

Io Shirai: I don’t get what I see, but I realize that I’m building up support from the fans who are just as important. I don’t want to disappoint the Io supporters, so I have to take them here. 

You just recovered in March after damaging the medial collateral ligament of your right knee in January. On the other hand, the world has been shaken by the new coronavirus 

Io Shirai: Fortunately, there is no after-effect of the injury. I can perform and win with the Moonsault and win an equal match. I have to train and just adjust my condition at home and it’s hard not to touch the ring. Especially when you play against a player for the first time, there are parts that imetre can’t keep up with. However, I will explode the frustration that has been accumulated so far in the best situation! 

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