Amin’s WWE NXT Review: Io Shirai wins Women’s Ladder Match

Io Shirai Wins NXT Women's Ladder MatchAMIN’S WWE NXT REVIEW 

WWE NXT opened with an awesome video package hyping up the rivalry between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. The camera panned into Full Sail University as Maruo Ranallo welcomed us to the show. Ranallo hyped Ciampa vs. Gargano for later tonight.


The match started at a quick pace as Shirai delivered a Slingshot Knees to LeRae in the corner. Nox and Yim delivered a pair of cannonballs to Kai into the corner. Shirai appeared and delivered beautiful Springboard Missile Dropkick to LeRae and Nox. LeRae delivered an enzuigiri but Shirai responded with a Shote. Green delivered a double bulldog to both LeRae and Shirai onto a ladder.

Kai and Nox exchanged strikes. Nox planted Kai with a Chokeslam. Yim delivered Sole Food to LeRae. Yim avoided a big boot as she whacked Green’s leg with a chair. Shirai delivered a basement dropkick to Yim and then catapulted her into a ladder. Shirai went to climb but Gonzales tipped the ladder over. There was a great spot as Shirai balanced herself on the top rope and delivered a beautiful flying crossbody to everyone on the floor.

Gonzales went to carry Kai up the ladder but was stopped. There was a crazy spot as Nox and Yim delivered a Chokeslam/Powerbomb combo sending Gonzales crashing through a table. Kai delivered a Helluva Kick sending Nox crashing through a ladder. Shirai delivered a Springboard as she yanked Kai off the ladder. LeRae and Shirai exchanged German Suplex spots. Robert Stone went to help Green climb but LeRae and Shirai tipped the ladder over. LeRae and Shirai exchanged strikes on the ladder. Shirai raked LeRae eyes and then pushed her off as she went crashing onto a ladder. Shirai grabbed the briefcase and won the match


(Amin’s Analysis: It’s such a bummer with everything going on and hopefully everything gets better soon. I would’ve love to see this match at TakeOver: Tampa. Hopefully, things get better soon and wrestling fans will allowed to travel and attend WWE shows. This was really fun as there were some great spots with the use of the ladder as everyone worked very hard. Was really happy to see my favourite Io Shirai win the Ladder Match as she’s the best wrestler and has been presented as a superstar. I want to see my favourite Io Shirai become NXT Women’s Champion and it will be so upsetting if she loses to Charlotte.) 

Recap aired of Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel attacking Finn Balor on NXT. Mauro hyped Balor will address NXT UK Champion WALTER. This was followed by a recap of Balor appearing on NXT UK and calling out Imperium. This was followed by Balor defeating Alexander Wolfe

Finn Balor cut promo telling WALTER they aren’t able to make their next respective moves. Balor noted this time shall pass. Balor mentioned the title WALTER is holding is on borrowed time.

Recap aired of Rinku and Saurav attacking Matt Riddle after his victory over Roderick Strong. They will be in action next

Recap aired of two masked wrestlers abducting Raul Mendoza. This was followed by two masked wrestlers abducting Joaquin Wilde last week


Saurav nailed Parker with a running boot. Rinku and Saurav delivered a backbreaker/flying elbow combo to Parker for the 1,2.3.


(Amin’s Analysis: A solid debut for Rinku and Saurav as they have great presence. With more matches, they will get better in ring. I liked the addition of Bivens as they their manager as he help get their personality over.)

NXT Champion Adam Cole cut a promo noting Velveteen Dream got lucky that he beat Bobby Fish last week. Cole noted Dream doesn’t deserve a shot at the NXT Title and noted he’s a pretender and not a contender. Cole noted if Dream keep’s pushing it, he might end the experience and said that is Undisputed

Mauro noted due to current circumstances NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin isn’t able to defend his title. So a tournament will be held to crown an Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion

Recap aired of Charlotte Flair winning the NXT Women’s Title at WrestleMania. This was  followed by post-match comments from both Charlotte and Ripley. 

Gargano was shown arriving to the arena. Gargano told LeRae he had to do this. LeRae handed Gargano something and then drove off. Triple H was shown inside the arena waiting for both Ciampa and Gargano. Triple H told Ciampa and Gargano that this is what they wanted. Triple H told Ciampa and Gargano their issue ends after this match. Triple H noted Drake Wuertz is just here to announce the winner. Triple H left as the match began. 


Ciampa and Gargano exchanged strikes as the match began. Gargano went for a Slingshot Spear but Ciampa countered with a knee strike. Gargano delivered a tope and then mocked Ciampa’s pose. Gargano attacked Ciampa with a chair. Ciampa sent Gargano crashing into a chair in the corner. Ciampa nailed Gargano with a running knee. Ciampa placed a chair around Gargano and rammed him into the ring post. Gargano blew fire extinguisher into Ciampa. Gargano went for a Powerbomb but Ciampa countered as he delivered a Powerbomb sending Gargano crashing through a table.

Ciampa cut the ropes and removed the ring mat. They brawled outside Full Sail University on top of the NXT Production Truck. Gargano placed Ciampa in the Gargano Escape on the truck. Ciampa delivered a boot but Gargano responded with a Superkick. They made their way back inside the arena as Gargano delivered a flying crossbody to Ciampa on the floor. They battled on the turnbuckle as Ciampa delivering a Super Air Raid Crash to the floor which looked crazy.

Gargano delivered a pair of Superkicks and then mocked him. Ciampa responded by whacking Gargano with a crutch. Ciampa went to choke Gargano with crutch. Gargano broke free as he racked referee’s eyes. Gargano moved as Ciampa delivered a running knee sending Drake to the floor. Ciampa delivered Willow’s Bell to Gargano on the exposed ring, had the match won but the referee was out.

Ciampa and Gargano both attacked each other with a crutch as they both went down. LeRae appeared as she pleaded with both Ciampa and Gargano to stop. LeRae told Ciampa to finish it. Ciampa just stared as LeRae said she will finish it. LeRae delivered a low blow to Gargano and walked off. A conflicted Ciampa told Gargano he’s sorry. LeRae appeared and delivered a low blow to Ciampa. Gargano showed Ciampa’s a cup. Gargano delivered Angel Wings to Ciampa onto the exposed mat for the 1,2,3.


After the match, LeRae helped Gargano as the left the building. LeRae and Gargano were shown walking to their car as we quickly got a shot of Killer Cross and Scarlett Bordeaux looking on from their car. Gargano and LeRae drove off. Ciampa was shown inside the ring as the show came to a close.

(Amin’s Analysis: This was terrific from the cinematography, to the location and set design. I liked the additional details of Drake Wuertz wearing the same attire when he officiated the Ciampa and Gargano match from TakeOver: New Orleans. I also liked how Triple H laid down the rules before the match. This was excellent as there were so many awesome sequences as both Ciampa and Gargano worked an awesome match. The finish was creative and well done as now we can see Gargano and LeRae heel’s pairing on NXT TV. It will be interesting to see who Ciampa faces next as the quick tease of Cross could be the next program?)

Overall ThoughtsThis was a great episode of NXT from the great Ladder Match to start the show and the excellent main event between Ciampa and Gargano. Loved seeing my favourite Io Shirai win and want to see her be the one to defeat Charlotte and become the next NXT Women’s Champion. Overall, a thumbs up show.

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