Amin’s WWE NXT Report: Amin’s review on Io Shirai’s return


WWE NXT opened with a live shot inside Full Sail University as Tom Phillips welcomed us to the show. Phillips noted due to NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay not taking place, the scheduled matches will take place on NXT over the coming weeks. Phillips noted Triple H is here and will address the action of both Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

(Amin’s AnalysisLet me first say I hope the whole situation going on in the world gets better soon and everything returns back to normal. This is such a bummer that WWE fans can’t attend WrestleMania and TakeOver: Tampa this year. Hopefully, when things get better soon WWE will hold a 2nd WrestleMania so WWE fans can come together and enjoy the week.)


Theory took control early as he delivered a rolling blockbuster to Breeze for a two count. Theory connected with a Torture Rack Bomb but Breeze kicked out. The action moved to the floor as Theory tossed Breeze who went crashing through the barricade. Breeze made a comeback as he caught Theory with a Super Model Kick for a two count. Theory responded by delivering an Ushigorishi for a two count. Theory grabbed Breeze’s phone and took a selfie video. The finish came when Breeze caught Theory with the Beauty Shot for the 1,2,3.


(Amin’s AnalysisA solid opening match as there were some nice sequences and the finish was creative as both Breeze and Theory worked hard.)

Byron Saxton hyped Adam Cole will celebrate his record breaking NXT Championship run


Miles got some shine early as he delivered a standing dropkick. Dain brushed it off as he nailed Miles with a forearm smash, connected with a back senton and followed with a Vader Bomb for the 1,2,3.


(Amin’s AnalysisI wouldn’t say this was a squash match as it went a bit too long but a strong showing for Dain who looked a overpowered heel.)

Phillips noted Triple H is here and will address Ciampa and Gargano’s action.


The match began with some nice mat wrestling. Grimes quickly took control after he draped Nese on the top rope. Nese made a comeback as he nailed Grimes with a spin kick and then connected with a Springboard Moonsault for a two count. Grimes avoided a running knee and nailed Nese with a Superman Forearm. Grimes sent Nese into the ropes and hit the Cave In for the 1,2,3


(Amin’s Analysis: This was a solid match as Grimes has continued to impress. Nese looked good as well as he consistently puts on good wrestling matches.)

Saxton hyped the two NXT Ladder Qualifying Matches between Aliyah vs. Xia Li and Candice LeRae vs. Kayden Carter

Recap aired of Xia Li delivering a spin kick that broke Aliyah’s nose on NXTXia Li’s music played as Aliyah waited inside the ring but nobody came out. Xia’s music stopped as the camera cut backstage to Xia holding her leg. Greg Hamilton noted Xia is cleared to compete. Hamilton noted he got word from Mr. Regal that someone is medically cleared to compete. The lights went out as my favourite Io Shirai came out

(Amin’s Analysis: Let me just say this made me so happy to see my favourite Io Shirai return back to NXT. Such a bummer not being able to see my favourite Io Shirai wrestle at TakeOver: Tampa with everything going on. Hopefully, everything gets back to normal soon in the world and we can attend shows again.)


Shirai took control early as she nailed Aliyah with a running dropkick as the bell rang. Shirai crushed Aliyah with a Slingshot Knee in the corner. Shirai avoided a hip toss and nailed Aliyah with a Shote and then delivered a Butterfly Backbreaker. Shirai climbed the ropes and delivered most beautiful looking Shirai Moonsault for the 1,2,3.


(Amin’s Analysis: This was the perfect comeback and showcase match for my favourite Io Shirai as she was positioned as a superstar. So excited to see Io Shirai compete in the Ladder Match and will be rooting for her to win. I want to mention again this is such a bummer that fans can’t attend WrestleMania week and TakeOver. So upset, I can’t see Io Shirai wrestle live at TakeOver: Tampa Bay.)

Saxton hyped NXT North American Champion Keith Lee will make an appearance next

Vignette aired on Dexter Lumis

Jon Quasto was standing inside the ring as NXT North American Champion Keith Lee came out. Lee brought up his hard fought victory over Grimes. Lee noted he was attacked by Damian Priest after the match. Lee said he thought the first person he saw was who attacked him but was mistaken for someone else. Lee noted he may and does owe Dijakovic an apology. Dijakovic came out, noted he doesn’t care about Lee’s apology and only cares about the NXT North American Title. Priest came out and asked Dijakovic how’s his knee? Priest noted his eyes are on the title because it will bring him more fame, more money and more women. Lee noted Dijakovic and Priest can keep speaking but he’s the NXT North American Champion. Priest noted it’s time that Lee stops talking as he headed to the ring with knife stick in hand. Dijakovic shoved Lee aside and brawled with Priest. Lee shoved Dijakovic away as he and Priest brawled on the floor. Dijakovic stood tall after delivering a Slingshot Tope Con Hilo onto Lee and Priest on the floor.

(Amin’s AnalysisThis was one of those segments that needed a crowd reaction as the line were made out for those reactions. Having said that, I look forward to seeing Dijakovic, Lee and Priest wrestle as they are all great will be and will put on a great match.) 

NXT Champion Adam Cole noted he was on vacation, poolside but has been thinking about his altercation with the Velveteen Dream. Cole thought about it and then wondered how could he be flustered. Cole noted he won the first WarGames match, was the first NXT North American Champion and is now the longest reigning NXT Champion. Cole noted Dream did nothing to earn a title match and noted Bobby Fish wants a piece of Dream. Cole noted once Dream lose, he will prove that he’s a loser

(Amin’s Analysis: Great promo by Cole here putting over all his accomplishments in NXT and the visual of sitting poolside was great.)


Vick took control early as he delivered a uranage slam to Lorcan for a two count. Lorcan delivered a lariat to Thore. Burch tagged in as he delivered a Cutter to Vick. Burch placed Vick in a Crossface. Thore tried to make the save but Lorcan placed him in a Half Crab for the double submission win.


(Amin’s Analysis: A solid showcase match for Burch and Lorcan as they bring a physical style which always stands out.

Saxton hyped Candice LeRae will face Kayden Carter next in a Ladder Match Qualifier


Carter and LeRae exchanged arm drags and stereo dropkicks for an early standoff. Carter avoided a back senton as she nailed LeRae with a Superkick and followed with a running boot for a two count. LeRae delivered a step-up back senton but missed on the Lionsault. LeRae avoided a Shining Wizard and applied a rollup but Carter kicked out. LeRae transitioned into the Gargano Escape as Carter tapped. 


(Amin’s Analysis: This was fine as LeRae looked great and always puts on good wrestling matches. Carter looked fine here and has improved with every match she’s been on NXT.) 

Phillips hyped Matt Riddle will face Roderick Strong next. They also announced the Number One Contender’s Ladder Match will happen in two weeks.


The match began with some nice mat wrestling. Riddle delivered a gut-wrench suplex. Strong took control after draping Riddle on the top rope. Strong applied a Camel Clutch but Riddle broke free. Riddle made a comeback as he delivered an overhead kick and followed with an Exploder Suplex. Strong avoided a PK and placed Riddle in the Strong Hold. Riddle broke free as he nailed Strong with the Bro To Sleep and then connected with a bridging German Suplex but Strong kicked out. Strong avoided the Bro Derek and hit an Olympic Slam for a two count. Strong delivered a rising knee and followed with rapid fire Superman Forearms. The finish was great as Riddle caught Strong coming off the ropes and delivered the Bro Derek for the 1,2,3.


(Amin’s Analysis: This was very solid as Riddle is one of my favourite wrestlers as I enjoy his style which is completely different as he brings his MMA background into his matches. Strong is the constant professional as he always works hard and brings the best out of his opponents. A very solid match.)

After the match, Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar attacked Riddle as they delivered a Backbreaker/Flying Elbow combination. Malcom Biven came out as noted since Pete Dunne isn’t here this was the perfect time to debut his team. Biven said you are looking at the future of the NXT Tag Team Division.

(Amin’s Analysis: This was a solid debut as they immediately positioned Gurjar and Singh as top heels in the tag division. The addition of having Biven as their manager will help elevate their ranks.)

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton announced the following matches for next week. Bobby Fish will face Velveteen Dream. Second Chance Gauntlet Match between Dakota Kai, Deonna Purrazzo, Shotzi Blackheart, Xia Li and Aliyah. They also announced Keith Lee will defend the NXT North American Title against Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee.

Triple H was inside the ring as he said there no rivalry more personal than Ciampa and Gargano. Triple H began recapping their feud as Ciampa came out. Triple H told Ciampa there will be no physicality tonight and then called Gargano out. Gargano asked if Triple H was crazy and wondered why he was getting fined since he blamed Ciampa for the brawl at the Performance Center. Gargano noted he’s not getting inside the ring. Triple H asked Gargano so nothing is your fault. Gargano said nope. Triple H noted if it was up to Regal they would’ve been fired. Triple H told Gargano to coming inside the ring. Triple H spoke about bigger things going on in the world. Ciampa noted bigger things have been going on in his world when he broke his damned neck and this feud with Gargano needs to end. Triple H noted they needed a bigger stage. Gargano said he doesn’t need that and just needs a ring and a referee. Ciampa noted this is about who’s the heart and soul of the company. Triple H said he will give them what they want. Gargano said two give him two weeks. Triple H noted when this is done it’s done. Triple H if this continues, neither of them will be here anymore. Gargano noted Ciampa will have to deal with that he’s the better man, the better wrestler and better everything. Suddenly, a video played on the TitanTron which grabbed the attention of Triple H, Ciampa and Gargano as they all watched on the screen. It was brief but you can see it looked to be Killer Cross as the show came to close

(Amin’s Analysis: This was well done as Triple H was great here setting the rules. Ciampa and Gargano were also great in making their points. Let me say again WWE is trying hard and are making the best of the situation with everything going on. This is such a bummer as this one match that I would’ve loved to see them have a bigger stage. The video at the end was interesting as they clearly have big plans for Killer Cross as it looks like his first program will be against either Ciampa or Gargano.) 

[Overall Thoughts] This was a very enjoyable episode of NXT as I loved seeing my favourite Io Shirai return. The in-ring wrestling was also very solid and they did a good job building upcoming matches and program. A thumbs up show.

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