Amin’s WWE Royal Rumble Review: Becky Lynch vs. Asuka



Reigns came out to a big mixed reaction. Corbin blocked a Superman Punch and hit a Deep Six for a two count. Corbin delivered a pair of Chokeslams sending Reigns crashing through an announcers table for a two count. They brawled in the crowd as Reigns hit a Samoan Drop sending Corbin crashing through tables for a two count. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode jumped Reigns but The Usos appeared. Jimmy leaped off a platform onto Roode and Ziggler. Reigns placed Corbin in a Toilet Stand and then tipped it over which the crowd popped for. They brawled on the dugout as Reigns hit a Superman Punch and followed with a spear for the 1-2-3.


(Amin’s AnalysisThis was a hard-hitting brawl which had nice creative spots near the finish as Corbin and Reigns worked hard.)


(1) Alexa Bliss came out first. (2) Bianca BeLair skipped to the ring and hit a standing moonsault on Bliss. (3) Mighty Molly hit a flying crossbody onto BeLair and Bliss. (4) Nikki Cross came out. Bliss delivered a KOD to Nikki. Bliss delivered a Sunset Bomb to BeLair. (5) The crowd booed as Lana came out. (6) Mercedes Martinez was next. (7) Liv Morgan came out and eliminated Lana. The Rumble raged on as Lana retuned shoved Liv to the floor and eliminated her. (8) Mandy Rose was next. (9) Candice LeRae got a good reaction as she delivered a Lionsault to Nikki. BeLair eliminated Molly. BeLair tossed Rose to the floor but wasn’t eliminated as she landed on top of Otis as the crowd popped for this spot. (10) Sonya Deville and Rose delivered High/Low to Martinez and then eliminated her. (11) One of my favourite’s Kairi Sane came out to a huge reaction as she delivered a double Intereptor to Bliss and Nikki. Sane delivered a running Blockbuster to Nikki and gave BeLair a DDT. Sane delivered a beautiful looking InSane Diving Elbow to LeRae. (12) Mia Yim was next as she delivered Eat Defeat to Nikki. BeLair swung Bliss into Nikki and eliminated her. BeLair decked Deville as she she fell onto Otis and Rose as they were eliminated. (13) Dana Brooke delivered a Swanton Bomb to Yim. BeLair eliminated LeRae. Sane went for a Marine Spike but Bliss stopped and eliminated the Pirate Princess. (This sucked!) (14) Tamina was eliminated by BeLair. (15) Dakota Kai came out and drilled Brooke with a Helluva Kick. Bliss eliminated Yim.

(16) Chelsea Green came out and eliminated Kai. Bliss then eliminated Green. BeLair eliminated Brooke, rammed Bliss into the ring post and eliminated her as well. (17Charlotte Flair was next. (18) The crowd popped huge as Naomi returned. (19Beth Phoenix got a fine reaction. (20) Toni Storm got a fine reaction. Charlotte booted BeLair to the floor and eliminated her. (21) Kelly Kelly got a fine reaction as she delivered a spinning head scissors to Storm. (22) Sarah Logan came out next. Charlotte booted Logan and eliminated her. Charlotte decked Kelly with a right hand and eliminated her. (23) Natalya came out next as she and Pheonix delivered a Double Powerbomb to Charlotte. (24) Xia Li came out to a fine reaction as she nailed Phoenix with a Scorpion Kick. (25) Zelina Vega got a fine reaction as she delivered a Flying Hurricanrana to Phoenix who was cut from the back of her head. (26) Shotzi Blackheart got a mild reaction as she nailed Storm with an enzuigiri. Naomi did her Rumble save spot which the crowd popped huge for. (27) Carmella came out next and delivered the Mella-Go-Round to Natalya. Charlotte hit a Natural Selection on Naomi. Phoenix planted Charlotte with the Glam Slam. (28) Tegan Nox got a fine reaction as she delivered a Chokeslam to Li. Phoenix planted Nox with the Glam Slam. (29Santina Marella came out next, did a lame comedy spot and eliminated him/herself. (30) Shayna Baszler came out last as she eliminated Blackheart, Li, Naomi, Nox and Vega. Phoenix eliminated Natalya. Baszler eliminated Phoenix. Charlotte spun-the-cat as she delivered a head scissors, eliminated Baszler for the win.


Charlotte pointed at the WrestleMania sign as pyro blasted. Charly Caruso asked Charlotte who she would challenge at WrestleMania? Charlotte didn’t give an answer and said this is her division.

Women’s Royal Rumble Participants: (1) Alexa Bliss (2) Bianca BeLair (3) Mighty Holly (4) Nikki Cross (5) Lana (6) Mercedes Martinez (7) Liv Morgan (8) Mandy Rose (9) Candice LeRae (10) Sonya Deville (11) Kairi Sane (12) Mia Yim (13) Dana Brooke (14) Tamina (15) Dakota Kai (16) Chelsea Green (17) Charlotte Flair (18) Naomi (19) Beth Phoenix (20) Toni Storm (21) Kelly Kelly (22) Sarah Logan (23) Natalya (24) Xia Li (25) Zelina Vega (26) Shotzi Blackheart (27) Carmella (28) Tegan Nox (29) Santina Marella (30) Shayna Baszler 

(Amin’s AnalysisReally bummed I didn’t get to see my favourite Io Shirai compete in the Rumble match likely due to the injury she sustained on NXT. I was cheering and wanted to see Kairi Sane win as she’s one of my favourite wrestlers. Overall, a fun Royal Rumble match as they positioned BeLair strong heading into her NXT Title match at TakeOver: Portland. If, Kairi wasn’t going to win and I had to choose I would’ve preferred to see Baszler and give the spotlight to an NXT star. It’s fine Charlotte won as she’s a great wrestler.)


Evans slipped on a Slingshot Elbow. Bayley hit a Macho Man Elbow for a two count. Evans slipped on Slingshot sunset flip for a two count. Evans hit a Slingshot Dropkick but almost fell to the floor on the landing. Evans botched another Slingshot attempt. Bayley got her knees up on a Springboard Moonsault attempt. Bayley applied a rollup for the win.


(Amin’s Analysis: Bayley’s a great wrestler as she tried to carry Evans to a passable PPV match. That didn’t happen as this match sucked, dragged and was filled with miss-timed botches.)


There was no red lighting which is a major improvement. The Fiend hit a Powerbomb and whipped Bryan with a strap. Bryan blocked Sister Abigail and drilled The Fiend with a Baizuke Knee for a two count. Bryan delivered multiple low blows and then planted The Fiend with a DDT on the announcers table. Bryan delivered a missile dropkick, YES kicks and then stomped away on The Fiend’s head. Bryan charged but The Fiend countered with a Sister Abigail for a two count. The Fiend went for the Mandible Claw but Bryan countered into a Triangle. Bryan applied the LeBell Lock with the strap but The Fiend broke free. Bryan blocked Sister Abigail and hit a second Baizsuke Knee for a two count. Bryan attacked him with the strap but The Fiend no-sold it, hit a ChokeSlam, while applying the Mandible Claw for the 1-2-3.


The lights went out as The Fiend disappeared. The lights turned on as WWE officials helped Bryan to the back

(Amin’s Analysis: This was hard-hitting as there were some great sequences and near falls leading to the finish. Bryan was the star as he worked extremely hard and pulled out another solid championship match against The Fiend.)


Becky avoided a hip attack and applied a Dis-Arm-Her against the ropes. Becky hit a missile dropkick for a two count. Asuka hit a missile dropkick and a Shining Wizard for a pair of two counts. They battled on the ring apron as Becky hit a release suplex sending Asuka to the floor which looked rough. Becky hit an Exploder Suplex sending Asuka into the barricade and followed with a flying leg drop for a two count. Asuka nailed Becky with a rising knee and followed with quick strikes. Asuka hit a sit-out Fisherman’s Driver for a two count. They fought on the ring apron as Asuka hit a hip attack sending Becky into the ring post. Becky hit a Springboard Rock Bottom but Asuka kicked out. Becky leaped off the turnbuckle but Asuka countered with a Code Breaker for a two out. Asuka went for the Asuka Lock but Becky placed her foot on the ropes. Asuka sent Becky flying with a German Suplex and followed with straight kicks. The crowd booed as the referee held Asuka back to check on Becky. Asuka delivered straight kicks and followed with a Roundhouse Kick but Becky kicked out as the fans booed. Becky hit a reverse DDT for a two count. The referee took a bump. Asuka went for the Green Mist but Becky kicked her as the mist blew into the Empress face. Becky applied the Dis-Arm-Her for the win.


(Amin’s Analysis: A very solid match as Asuka was the star as she’s such an amazing wrestler and is just so fun to watch. I also want to give a special mention to Kairi Sane as she was great showing support for Asuka as her facial reactions were amazing. Becky was very good in this match. I do want to say her title run is reaching fatigue level as Asuka and Kairi have been the stars in elevating Becky’s game. Becky is champion but Asuka and Kairi are the better wrestlers and should be praised as well. I’m more interested in seeing who Asuka and Kairi Sane wrestle and would like to see them have a big match at WrestleMania.)


(1) WWE Champion Brock Lesnar came out first. (2) Elias strummed his guitar to the ring. Lesnar smashed the guitar over Elias’ back and eliminated him. (3) Erick Rowan was next. Lesnar delivered a clothesline and eliminated Rowan. (4) Robert Roode was next. Lesnar delivered a Glorious F5 and eliminated Roode. (5) John Morrison was next. Lesnar welcomed Morrison back to WWE as he eliminated him with an overhead suplex. (6) Kofi Kinston came out to a big reaction. (7) Rey Mysterio got a big reaction. (8) Big E came out to a good reaction. Kofi hit a Trouble in Paradise, Big E hit the Big Ending as Mysterio followed by nailed Lesnar with a 619. Mysterio charged but Lesnar tossed him to the floor. Lesnar leaped off Big E’s back and delivered a clothesline to Kofi. Lesnar eliminated Big E, lifted Kofi as he sent him flying to the floor with an F5 as the crowd booed. (9) Cesaro was next. Lesnar delivered a suplex and eliminated him. (10) Shelton Benjamin was next as Lesnar chuckled. Benjamin hugged Lesnar and Heyman. Lesnar eliminated Benjamin. (11) The fans sang for Shinsuke Nakamura as he came out next to a big reaction. Nakamura hit a spin kick, went for a Kinshasa but Lesnar tossed him to the floor. (12) MVP came out to a good reaction. Lesnar hit an F5 and eliminated F5. (13) The crowd went wild as Keith Lee came out next. Lee delivered a shoulder tackle and a running splash in the corner. (14) Braun Strowman came out next to a good reaction as he delivered a Woo Dropkick to Lee. Lesnar sent both Lee and Strowman flying with a pair of German Suplex. Lesnar eliminated both Lee and Strowman as the crowd booed more for Lee’s elimination. (15Ricochet came out next to a good reaction. (16) Drew Mcintyre came out to a good reaction and had a stare down with Lesnar who removed his gloves. Ricochet kicked Lesnar in the balls. McIntyre charged, nailed a Claymore Kick and eliminated Lesnar as the place erupted as the fans went wild. 

(Amin’s Analysis: Lesnar gets a bad rap for not appearing much but he was awesome here as he worked really hard and took bumps when needed. This was well done as they created a new babyface star in Drew McIntyre which has been teased on Raw and now sets up a championship match with Lesnar at WrestleMania.)

Ricochet went for a running Shooting Star Press but McIntyre heaved him to the floor. (17) McIntyre hit a Future Shock DDT, drilled Miz with a Claymore Kick and then eliminated him. (18A.J. Styles came out and placed McIntyre in a Calf Crusher. (19Dolph Ziggler came out. (20) Karl Anderson came out as he Styles attacked McIntyre. (21) Edge returned as he got a Superstar’s reaction and a massive pyro display. The director was clearly excited as he cut the camera like 20 different times during Edge’s entrance and also missed the shot of him delivering his first in-ring return spear to Ziggler. 

(Amin’s Analysis: I attended the Unforgiven 2006 PPV against John Cena and this felt just as emotional and big a reaction for Edge as it’s great to see him back in a WWE ring.)

Edge delivered spears to Anderson and McIntyre. Edge and Styles had a face off. Edge speared Styles who took an awesome but rough bump. (22King Corbin came out to a chorus of boos. Edge eliminated Styles. (23) Matt Riddle came out to a big reaction and drilled Edge with a Final Flash Knee. Suddenly, Corbin just eliminated Riddle. (This sucked!) (24Luke Gallows came out. Corbin delivered Deep Six to Edge. McIntyre eliminated Corbin. (25Randy Orton nailed both Anderson and Gallows with an RKO. Edge and Orton had a stare down but teamed up as the crowd popped huge for this. Edge and Orton eliminated The OC. (26Roman Reigns came out as he speared and eliminated Ziggler. (27) Kevin Owens came out to a big pop as he delivered cannonballs to Edge and Reigns. KO planted McIntyre with a Popup Powerbomb and then delivered Stunners to Orton and Reigns(28Aleister Black came out to a good reaction as he nailed McIntyre with Black Mass. (29Samoa Joe came out to a big pop as he and Black exchanged strikes. KO and Joe exchanged strikes. (30) Seth Rollins came out last with Buddy Murphy and AOP. AOP attacked Orton. Buddy and Rollins attacked Edge. Rollins delivered Curb Stomps to McIntyre and Reigns. KO tossed Rollins but AOP caught him. Rollins eliminated KO. Buddy hit a step-up enzuigiri as Rollins eliminated Joe. Black was also eliminated. Edge, McIntyre, Orton and Reigns stared at Rollins. Rollins did The Shield pose but Reigns’ blew him off and nailed him with a Superman Punch. Orton hit a powerslam as McIntyre followed by drilling Rollins with a Claymore Kick and then eliminated him. The fans chanted This is Awesome as Edge and Orton hit a Double RKO on McIntyre. Orton teased an RKO but Edge saw him. Edge eliminated Orton. Reigns hit a Superman Punch, went for a spear but Edge moved and delivered his own spear. They battled on the ring apron as Reigns hit an uppercut and eliminated Edge to boos. Reigns hit a Superman Punch, went for a Spear but McIntyre countered with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre eliminated Reigns to a huge reaction for the win. 


McIntyre pointed at the WrestleMania sign as pyro blasted as he was in tears as the show came to a close

Men’s Royal Rumble Participants: (1) Brock Lesnar (2Elias (3Erick Rowan (4Robert Roode (5) John Morrison (6) Kofi Kingston (7Rey Mysterio (8) Big E (9) Cesaro (10) Shelton Benjamin (11) Shinsuke Nakamura (12) MVP (13) Keith Lee (14) Braun Strowman (15) Ricochet (16) Drew McIntyre (17) The Miz (18) A.J. Styles (19) Dolph Ziggler (20) Karl Anderson (21) Edge (22) King Corbin (23) Matt Riddle (24) Luke Gallows (25) Randy Orton (26) Roman Reigns (27) Kevin Owens (28) Aleister Black (29) Samoa Joe (30) Seth Rollins

(Amin’s Analysis: A terrific Royal Rumble match as the highlight was Edge’s return to WWE and doing a great job featuring Drew McIntyre as the next big superstar getting him ready to challenge Lesnar for the WWE Title at WrestleMania.)

[OVERALL THOUGHTS] This was an enjoyable show as both the Men’s and Women’s Rumble matches were very good. I also enjoyed the Raw Women’s Title and Universal Championship matches. Looking forward to seeing which are the big programs heading into WrestleMania. Overall, WWE Royal Rumble was a thumbs up show.

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