WWE Survivor Series PPV Report: Amin’s review on Raw vs. Smackdown vs. NXT

survivor-series-2019-1200x675Show: WWE Survivor Series 
Location: Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois
Date: Sunday November 24, 2019

WOMEN’S SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH: TEAM RAW (WWE WOMEN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS ASUKA & KAIRI SANE, CHARLOTTE FLAIR, NATALYA & SARAH LOGAN) vs. TEAM SMACKDOWN (SASHA BANKS, CARMELLA, DANA BROOKE, LACEY EVANS & NIKKI CROSS) vs. TEAM NXT (IO SHIRAI, RHEA RIPLEY, BIANCA BeLAIR, CANDICE LeRAE & TONI STORM) – Team NXT got a big reaction as Storm delivered a double German suplex to Evans and Logan. The fans chanted “Io” as my favourite wrestlers Io Shirai and Kairi Sane faced off. Sane and Shirai had an awesome sequence as they worked at a completely different pace compared to everyone in the match. LeRae delivered a flying flatliner to Evans for a two count. The match broke down as everyone delivered a big spot including Charlotte delivering  a spear which Shirai sold great for. The camera cut to the floor as LeRae and Shirai were shown selling their injuries. (Angle Alert!) BeLair placed her foot on the ropes, rolled up Nikki and eliminated her. BeLair planted Carmella with a KOD and then eliminated Logan with a 450 Splash. Charlotte eliminated Carmella with the Natural Selection. Sane delivered the most beautiful looking InSane Diving Elbow to Storm. Banks delivered a sliding double knees and eliminated Sane. (This sucked!) The fans loved Asuka as she nailed Brooke with a Roundhouse Kick and eliminated her. Charlotte tagged herself in as she and Asuka had a shoving contest. Asuka blew Green Mist into Charlotte’s eyes and walked to the bank. Evans eliminated Charlotte after decking her with the Women’s Right. Natalya applied a rollup and eliminated Evans. Banks and Natalya applied a combo Bank Statement/Sharpshooter as Storm tapped. Banks and Natalya eliminated BeLair with the Hart Attack. Banks punched out Natalya and eliminated her. Banks delivered a flying meteora but Ripley kicked out as the fans chanted “NXT.” Ripley applied an Inverted Texas Cloverleaf but Banks transitioned into the Bank Statement. LeRae and Shirai ran down as they pulled Banks to the floor. LeRae distracted the referee as Shirai delivered a springboard dropkick. Ripley delivered the RipTide to Banks for the win.


(Amin’s Analysis: There were some great moments as the brief interaction between Sane and Shirai was the highlight. Was disappointing to not see Shirai wrestle more but I liked that Io didn’t take a pin. The finish was interesting as they wanted to protect Banks but wanted NXT to win. I would’ve just had Ripley win strong coming off her WarGames performance. Overall, a good match and NXT winning was the right decision.)

WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION SHINSUKE NAKAMURA (w/Sami Zayn) vs. WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPION AJ STYLES vs. NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION RODERICK STRONG – Nakamura sent Styles some Bad Vibrations. Strong delivered rapid fire forearms to Styles. Nakamura nailed Strong with a Bomb Ye but Styles broke the count. Styles hit an Ushigorishi but Nakamura kicked out. There was a cool spot as Strong delivered a dropkick to Styles as he planted Nakamura with a Styles Clash. Styles placed Strong on his shoulders as Nakamura nailed him with a flying kick. Nakamura drilled Strong with the GTS as the fans chanted “CM Punk.” Nakamura delivered an Exploder suplex to Strong onto Styles. Nakamura and Styles had a great strike exchange. Nakamura delivered a wheel kick but Styles responded with a Pele Kick. Nakamura delivered a Tiger Driver but Styles kicked out. Styles nailed Nakamura with a Phenomenal Forearm. Strong shoved Styles to the floor, pinned Nakamura and got the win. 


(Amin’s AnalysisIt lacked crowd reaction but this was a terrific match as everyone worked really hard as there were some great spots leading to the finish.)

NXT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: ADAM COLE vs. PETE DUNNE – Cole and Dunne came out to big reactions. They aired a recap of the crazy finish from NXT TakeOver: WarGames as Cole’s ribs were tapped up. Dunne’s knee was also tapped. Dunne hit a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a two count. Dunne hit a moonsault to the floor. Dunne went for a moonsault but Cole got his knee up and connected with a front Last Shot but only got a two count. Cole hit an Ushigorishi for another two count. Dunne avoided a roundhouse kick and delivered the Bitter End but Cole kicked out as the fans chanted “NXT.” The intensity picked up here as Dunne ran off the turnbuckle but Cole caught him with a Superkick but only got a two count as the fans chanted “This is Awesome.” Dunne connected with a Spinning Powerbomb for a two count. The most crazy spot of the match came when Cole planted Dunne with a Panama Sunrise on the ring apron as the fans chanted “Holy Shit.” They teased a count-out but Dunne made it back into the ring as Cole got him with a Superkick for a two count. Cole went to stomp on Dunne’s mouth piece but Dunne responded by snapping his fingers. Dunne went for the Bitter End but Cole countered into a Panama Sunrise which was awesome. Cole hit the Last Shot for the win. 


(Amin’s Analysis: This was my favourite match of the night as there were some terrific sequences leading to the finish. Dunne was great here and Cole has been the MVP of WWE this past month. A great showcase for NXT.)

WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: ‘THE FIEND’ BRAY WYATT vs. DANIEL BRYAN  Bryan and Wyatt got good reactions when they came out. The lame red light is back. Bryan delivered a running dropkick as the bell rang and followed with quick kicks. Bryan charged but The Fiend caught him with a lariat. The fans chanted “Yowie Wowie” as The Fiend delivered a running senton on the floor. Bryan moved as The Fiend ran into the ring steps. The match picked up here as Bryan delivered a plancha and followed with a triple missile dropkick but The Fiend no-sold it. Bryan delivered his signature YES Kicks and followed with a Roundhouse Kick as the fans erupted in “YES” chants. Bryan led the fans in YES chants as delivered a running Busaiku Knee but The Fiend kicked out for a close near fall. The Fiend popped up and applied the Mandible Claw but Bryan broke free by applying a Triangle Hold against the ropes. Bryan charged but The Fiend caught him in a Mandible Claw for the win. 


(Amin’s Analysis: If you can look past the stupid red lighting, this was fun to watch as Bryan was the star of this match as worked a great pace. Wyatt is great in his role and the character he came up with is golden.) 

MEN’S SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH: TEAM RAW (SETH ROLLINS, KEVIN OWENS, RANDY ORTON, RICOCHET & DREW McINTYRE) vs. TEAM SMACKDOWN (ROMAN REIGNS, BRAUN STROWMAN, KING CORBIN, MUSTAFA ALI & SHORTY G) vs. TEAM NXT (WWE UNITED KINGDOM CHAMPION WALTER, TOMMASO CIAMPA, MATT RIDDLE, KEITH LEE & DAMIAN PRIEST) Mustafa Ali got a big reaction in his hometown. Team NXT got a big reaction as the fans sang for WALTER. McIntyre and WALTER had a chop exchange. WALTER planted McIntyre with a German Suplex and followed with a Woo Dropkick sending Strowman flying into the turnbuckle. McIntyre appeared, delivered a Claymore Kick and eliminated WALTER. (Seriously?) The fans were pissed as they responded by chanting “Bullshit.” Ricochet went for a handspring but Shorty G countered into a Chaos Theory. Riddle and Shorty G did some great mat wrestling. Ricochet delivered a backflip kick to Ciampa and Shorty G. Owens stared at Ciampa but instead gave Shorty G a Frog Splash and eliminated him. Owens nailed Corbin and Reigns with a pair of Superkicks. Owens charged and delivered a Cannonball to Reigns into the barricade. Owens entered the ring as Ciampa caught him with Willows Bell and eliminated him. Ciampa applauded his work as Orton entered the ring. Ciampa and Orton circled each other. Orton avoided The Reckoning and eliminated Priest with an RKO. Riddle rolled up Orton and eliminated him which got a big pop. The announcers put this over huge. The fans sang “Bask In His Glory” as Lee and Strowman faced off. Ricochet delivered a Fosbury Flop on the floor. Corbin eliminated Ricochet with the End of Days. Corbin yanked Ali to the floor. Ali slapped Corbin. Rollins eliminated Ali with a Superkick. The fans were pissed as they responded by chanting “CM Punk.” Reigns eliminated McIntyre with a Spear. Reigns avoided the Fairytale Ending and decked Ciampa with a Superman Punch as Corbin tagged himself in. Reigns was pissed as he gave Corbin a Superman Punch and a Spear. Ciampa pinned Corbin and eliminated him. Ciampa delivered Project Ciampa but Rollins kicked out. Reigns decked Ciampa with a Superman Punch and Rollins followed with a Curb Stomp and eliminated him. Rollins delivered a Frog Splash but Lee kicked out as the fans chanted “NXT.” Rollins went for the Curb Stomp but Lee caught and eliminated him with a Jackhammer which got a big reaction. Reigns delivered a pair of Superman Punches but Lee kicked out. Lee hit a huge Spirit Bomb but Reigns kicked out for a close two count. Reigns avoided a moonsault and delivered a Spear for the win. 


Reigns stared at Lee as he was getting up. Lee bowed at Reigns. Reigns held out his fist as he and Lee did The Shield fist bump as the fans popped big

(Amin’s AnalysisThis was a tremendous match as there were some great sequences as the  closing moments between Lee and Reigns was awesome. They positioned Lee as a top star even in a loss. They put over Riddle huge with his pin over Orton. The minor disappointment was how Owens was showcased after being presented a huge superstar at TakeOver: WarGames. Overall, a great match as the made NXT look very good.)

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: BROCK LESNAR (w/Paul Heyman) vs. REY MYSTERIO – Mysterio grabbed his pipe but Lesnar stopped him. Lesnar delivered a German suplex sending Mysterio onto the pipe. Lesnar followed with a pair of German suplex as Dominic ran down with towel in hand. Lesnar was having none of this as he grabbed Dominic. Mysterio appeared and gave Lesnar a low blow. Dominic responded by punching Lesnar in the balls. Dominic grabbed a chair as Mysterio grabbed his pipe  and whacked Lesnar. Mysterio and Dominic delivered a stereo 619 and followed with a pair of Frog Splashes. The crowd popped as Rey and Dominic went for a cover but Lesnar kicked out. Mysterio and Dominic climbed opposite turnbuckles. Lesnar leaped up send Dominic flying with a German suplex. Mysterio leaped but Lesnar caught him in mid-air and delivered an F5 for the 1-2-3


(Amin’s AnalysisIt was short but turned into a fun match once Dominic appeared as the fans bought Rey winning the WWE Title. The spots with Dominic was great and Lesnar sold well for both he and Rey.)

TRIPLE-THREAT MATCH: RAW WOMEN’S CHAMPION BECKY LYNCH vs. SMACKDOWN WOMEN’S CHAMPION BAYLEY vs. NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPION SHAYNA BASZLER There was an early miss-timed spot as Bayley went for a Sunset Bomb but Becky was too close as they bot crashing into the turnbuckle. Becky delivered a front/reverse DDT combo to Baszler and Bayley for a near fall. Becky delivered a flying leg drop but Baszler made the save. Becky placed Bayley in the Dis-Arm-Her but Baszler broke the hold by nailing Bayley with a knee strike. Baszler planted Bayley with a gut-wrench slam. Bayley delivered a Bayley-to-Belly suplex but Baszler kicked out. Baszler and Becky had a fun strike exchange. Bayley delivered a sliding knee too Becky from the ring apron. Bayley charged but Baszler caught her in the Kirifuda Clutch but Becky broke the hold. Bayley charged but Baszler backdropped her to the floor. Baszler delivered a running knee sending Becky into the barricade. Baszler rammed Becky into the ring post and steps. Baszler delivered a modified Razor’s Edge planting Becky onto the announcers table. Baszler went for the Kirifuda Clutch but Bayley countered with a backdrop suplex. Bayley went for her Macho Man Diving Elbow but Baszler caught her in the Kirifuda Clutch as Bayley tapped. 


Baszler posed on the announcers table with the NXT Women’s Title as Becky got up and attacked her. Becky delivered a leaping leg drop off the barricade as Baszler went crashing through the announcers table. Becky posed with the Raw Women’s Title as the show came to a close

(Amin’s Analysis: It lacked crowd reaction but I enjoyed the match as everyone worked really hard as they did a great job positioning Baszler as the top champion until the post-match. I get they want to keep Becky strong as the face of Raw and this will likely set up a match at some point. I would’ve rather had the wrestlers of NXT come out and stand tall to close the show.)

FINAL SCORE: NXT (4) Smackdown (2) Raw (1) Including Pre-Show Matches.

[Overall ThoughtsWWE Survivor Series was a very enjoyable show as the addition of NXT helped the show as the matches felt fresh and important. I will give WWE credit as they made NXT feel strong and did a great job making NXT equal to Raw and Smackdown. It will be interesting to see how wrestling fans react to this and how this bring more viewership to NXT on the USA Network on Wednesday nights. WWE Survivor Series a thumbs up show.

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