AEW All Out Review: Chris Jericho vs. Hangman Page for the AEW World Championship

AEW All OutShow: AEW All Out
Location: Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, Illinois
Date: Saturday August 31, 2019

SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Marco Stunt) – Jungle Boy and Kazarian traded pinning combinations. Daniels delivered a STO to Jungle Boy who responded with a step-up hurricanrana. Jungle Boy delivered a springboard arm drag to Daniels. Luchasuras delivered an overhead suplex to Daniels. Marco delivered a hurricanrana to both Daniels and Scorpio Sky. Stunt delivered a tope to Daniels and Jungle Boy followed with a plancha to Daniels and Scorpio. Luchasaurus delivered an assisting somersault senton to everyone on the floor which got a big reaction. Stunt delivered an assisted flying crossbody to Daniels for a near fall. Kazarian delivered a leg lariat to Jungle Boy as Scorpio followed with a double stomp. Daniels and Kazarian delivered a combo neckbreaker/Powerbomb to Jungle Boy for a near fall. Kazarian delivered a corner slingshot dropkick for a near fall. Luchasuras delivered a pair of Hook Kicks too Daniels and Scorpio. Luchasuras delivered a Chokeslam and followed with a standing moonsault to Kazarian for a near fall. The crowd chanted “Luchasaurus.” Stunt delivered a tornado DDT to Kazarian but Daniels broke the count. Kazarian delivered flying hurricanrana to Luchasaurus who speared Stunt. Scorpio delivered a Tope Con Hilo to Luchasurus on the floor. SCU delivered a simutaneious Best Meltzer Ever to both Jungle Boy and Stunt for the win.

  • WINNERS: SoCal Uncensored (***1/2)

(Amin’s Analysis: A really fun action packed match to open the show as everyone looked solid. Luchasaurus was the star as he has great ability for a big man.)

Kenny Omega vs. PAC The match started with some nice basic wrestling as the fans chanted 205.” There was a great spot as Omega went for the Karato Crusher but PAC rolled through and landed on his feet. PAC delivered a hurricanrana. Omega went for a plancha but PAC caught him with a rising knee. PAC delivered a missile dropkick and then applied a chin lock. The match picked up here as Omega delivered a great looking Terminator Dive. Omega delivered a missile dropkick and followed with a Fisherman’s Buster but PAC kicked out. PAC went for a springboard but Omega caught him and delivered a rolling senton. PAC avoided a moonsault and delivered a Tornado DDT for a near fall. PAC stood on ring post and delivered a great looking moonsault to Omega on the floor. PAC delivered a 450 Splash but Omega kicked out. Omega and PAC exchanged forearm smashes. Omega delivered a Buckle Bomb and followed with a Sit-Out Spinebuster but PAC kicked out. Omega went for a V-Trigger but PAC pulled the referee in-front on him. PAC attempted a springboard but Omega countered with a standing dropkick. Omega delivered an Ushigorishi and followed with a V-Trigger. Omega went for the One Winged Angel but then transitioned into a deadlift German Suplex but PAC kicked out. PAC delivered a Slingshot Cutter, went for a German Suplex but Omega landed on his knees. PAC delivered a snap German Suplex and followed with a deadlift German Suplex but Omega kicked out. Omega delivered a Dragon Suplex and followed with a V-Trigger but PAC kicked out. PAC delivered a Hook Kick but Omega responded with a pair of  V-Triggers. There was a botch spot as both Omega and PAC went for but miss-timed a Poison Hurricanrana. Omega went for the One Winged Angel but PAC countered by applying the Brutalizer. Omega passed out as the referee called for the bell. 

  • WINNER: PAC via Submission (****1/4)

(Amin’s Analysis: Apart from the one missed time spot in the end this was a really good match as both Omega and PAC looked really solid. It started slow but the intensity kept picking up as there were some great sequences. The finish was great as AEW already established PAC as key superstar by beating Omega in his debut match. Omega was terrific as always.)

Triple-Threat Cracker Barrel Clash Match: Darby Allin vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Joey Janella Havoc grabbed weapons from underneath the ring. Havoc brought out a staple gun and then stapled his arm. This was gross as the fans chantedYou sick F—.” Darby and Janella taped Havoc to a chair. Darby grabbed a cup and poured thumbtacks into his mouth. Darby delivered a tope to Janella and followed with a sit-out Stunner. Darby delivered a flying somersault senton to Havoc who was seated on a chair as the fans chanted Holy Sh*t.” Janella delivered an Emerald Frosion to Darby on the ring apron. Havoc delivered a running Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Havoc gave Janella a pair of paper cut and then stapled his head. Janella delivered a Brainbuster to Havoc onto chair. There was a crazy spot as Janella charged and delivered running Sit-Out Powerbomb sending Darby crashing through a table. The fans chanted Cracker Barrel.” Janella went for a moonsault but Havoc moved as Janella splatted on the floor. Darby grabbed a skateboard which had thumbtacks on the bottom. Darby delivering an ollie onto Janella’s back. Havoc pulled Darby to the floor to break the count. Darby delivered a mini Coffin Drop sending Havoc crashing through a table. Havoc was placed on the ring steps as Darby grabbed a Crackle Barrel. Darby went for a Super Coffin Drop but Havoc moved as the Crackle Barrel imploded as Darby splatted onto the ring steps. Janella delivered a Hangman DDT to Havoc and followed with a diving elbow for a near fall. Havoc delivered an Acid Rainmaker to Janella onto the Crackle Barrel for the win. 

  • WINNER: Jimmy Havoc (***)

(Amin’s Analysis: This was your plunder Hardcore match of the evening which I’m not a fan off. This was total insanity but I will say there were some very creative spots and everyone worked really hard as the crowd was into it.)

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta) vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson w/Creepers) Chuck and Trent delivered an assisted splash to Uno for a near fall. The fans chanted Spooky Perverts.” Stu and Uno delivered a Brainbuster/Enzuigiri combo to Trent for a near fall. Trent delivered a Tornado DDT to Uno as Chuck tagged in. Chuck delivered Sliced Bread to Uno and followed with a sit-out Powerbomb to Stu for a near fall. Chuck delivered a Tope Con Hilo to both Stu and Uno on the floor. Chuck and Trent delivered a combo Ace Crusher to Stu for a near fall. Stu delivered double backflip kick to Chuck and Trent. Stu delivered a springboard tornhillo to Chuck and the Creepers on the floor. Uno delivered a Swanton Bomb but Trent kicked out. Stu delivered an overhead belly-to-belly to Trent into Chuck in the corner. There was cool spot as Stu and Uno delivered a stereo 450 Splash /Running Cannonball to Chuck and Trent for a near fall. Chuck delivered a Buizuki Knee to Uno. Chuck and Trent delivered a stereo Sole Food/Half-and-Half Suplex to Stu. Chuck hit the Awful Waffle to Stu but Uno pulled him to the floor. The Creepers attacked Chuck. Stu and Uno delivered The Fatality to Trent for the win. 

[Post Match] The Creepers went to carry Chuck away but the lights went out. Orange Cassidy was inside the ring which got a big reaction. Cassidy who had his hands inside his pocket delivered a tope to the Creepers on the floor. Best Friends hugged Cassidy inside the ring which got the biggest reaction of the match. 

  • WINNERS: The Dark Order (**1/2)

(Amin’s Analysis: This was a good tag team match as there were some cool spots as everyone worked hard. However, the fans weren’t interested as there was no reaction to this match.)

Number One Contenders Match for the AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida vs. Riho – The match started with some nice mat wrestling. Shida delivered a rising knee lift in the corner and followed with a running knee to Riho from the floor. Shida delivered a backbreaker but Riho kicked out. Shida applied a Boston Crab and then transitioned into a half crab but Riho grabbed the ropes. Shida placed Riho in the tree-of-woe and then delivered a running knee for a near fall. Riho delivered a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and followed with a diving double stomp to Shida. Riho delivered a flying crossbody for a near fall. Riho went for a 619 but Shida caught her and applied a Stretch Muffler. Riho countered into a Sunset flip for a near fall. Riho delivered a double stomp but Shida responded with a rising knee lift. Shida delivered a deadlift suplex and followed with a sliding knee for a near fall. Riho was standing on the ring apron as Shida delivered a deadlift Superplex for a near fall. They battled on the turnbuckle as Riho placed Shida in the tree-of-woe and delivered a diving double stomp. Riho delivered a sliding double knees but Shida kicked out. Shida delivered a fireman’s carry into backbreaker but Riho kicked out. The finish was great as Riho used her quickness as she applied a tilt-a-whirl transitioning into a cradle for the win. 

  • WINNER: Riho (***)

(Amin’s Analysis: The match didn’t receive much reaction live but the pacing was really good as both Riho and Shida worked a very solid match. I liked the story of how Riho had to use her quickness to win and avoid the power of Shida.)  

Cody (w/MJF) vs. Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard) – Spears was seated on chair on the entrance ramp. Cody got a superstar reaction as he delivered a tope to Spears before the match began. They brawled in the crowd. There was a great shot as Cody stood on the barricade as the crowd roared in approval. Cody delivered a powerslam on the floor. Tully held Cody as Spears delivered a low blow. Cody delivered a top rope Frankenstiner. Spears spat water at Cody. Spears delivered a draping DDT on the ring apron for a near fall. Spears grabbed Cody’s belt but Earl Hebner stopped him. Spears whipped Cody with Blanchard’s belt. The match picked up here as Spears went to whip him with a belt but Cody no-sold it. Cody delivered strikes in the corner and followed with a springboard Cutter. Cody delivered an Alabama Slam. Cody went for a Figure-4-Leg Lock but Spears reversed the hold as Cody grabbed the ropes. Spears delivered a running Death Valley Driver to Cody on the entrance ramp. Cody delivered Cross Rhodes to Spears, had the match won but Blanchard distracted Earl Hebner. Blanchard and MJF entered the ring. MJF threw his scarf at Blanchard. Spears gave MJF a Bicycle Kick. The biggest spot of the match came here as Arn Anderson walked down the ramp and gave Spears as Spinebuster which got a thunderous reaction. Spears grabbed a chair but Cody stopped him. Cody teased attacking Spears with a chair but stopped. Cody delivered a Disaster Kick to Spears into a chair. Cody delivered the Cross Rhodes to Spears for the win.

  • WINNER: Cody (****)

(Amin’s Analysis: The match dragged and went long. Cody was great at playing the babyface and his facial reactions were great in this match. Spears was great as the heel and has big star potential. This was a very good match as they told a great story and the run-in by Arn Anderson was the highlight.)

Ladder Match for the AAA Tag Team Championship: Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) Matt and Nick teased the Meltzer Driver less than one minute into the match. Fenix delivered a running Powerbomb to Matt as Pentagon followed by delivering the (Dudley Boys) Wazz Up spot but with a diving dropkick. Nick leaped off Matt’s shoulders and delivered an assisted dropkick to both Lucha Brothers. The first dive came when Fenix springboard on the top rope then leaped over the ladder delivering a senton to everyone on the floor. There were back-to-back cool spots as Fenix and Nick delivered stereo Rolling Cutters bringing Matt and Phoenix off a ladder. Matt and Pentagon followed by delivered stereo Spears sending both Fenix and Nick crashing through two tables. Nick ran off a ladder and delivered a corkscrew splash to Pentagon on the floor. There was a great spot a Matt delivered four straight Northern Light Suplex (last one) sending Fenix into a ladder. Fenix delivered a springboard hurricanrana sending Nick onto a ladder. The fans chantedAEW.” Fenix delivered a springboard hurricanrana to Matt as Pentagon followed with a springboard crossbody to Nick. Matt press slammed Fenix and delivered a Spear to Pentagon. Nick delivered a Slingshot X-Factor to Fenix. There was a cool spot as Fenix tipped the ladder as Nick leaped off and delivered a springboard moonsault to Pentagon on the floor. Matt tipped the ladder as Fenix followed by delivering a springboard moonsault to Nick on the floor. There was a cool spot as Phoenix came around the ladder and delivered a Slingblade to Matt off the ladder. More chants of AEW.” Nick charged and delivered a cannonball through the ladder to Pentagon on the floor. The next crazy spot came when Fenix leaped through the ladder and delivered Yoshi Tonic to Matt. The fans chanted Fight Forever.” The next spot was Crazy as Pentagon delivered a Canadian Destroyer off the ladder to Matt who went crashing through a table. The fans chanted Holy Sh*t and This is Awesome.” The next spot was kinda funny as Nick and Fenix were standing on ladders as they yelled at each other from opposite sides of the ring. Fenix and Nick delivered stereo Super Splashes to both Matt and Pentagon who went crashing through tables. Nick set up a pair of tables on the floor. Fenix delivered a Superkick to Nick. Matt delivered a Superkick to Fenix. There was a cool spot as Nick and Matt applied a stereo Crossface/Sharpshooter to Fenix. Matt and Nick teased a Super Meltzer Driver but Phoenix stopped him. Pentagon delivered a Superkick to Matt who delivered a Tombstone to Fenix. There was a really Scary spot as Pentagon tipped the ladder as Nick’s ankle got caught on the top rope while he went crashing through a table on the floor. This was not good and looked really dangerous. Pentagon went to climb the ladder but Matt stopped him. Matt tore off Pentagon’s mask as the crowd loudly booed. Fenix went for springboard but Matt countered by delivering a Superkick. Pentagon tipped the ladder as Matt fell in-between the ladder. Fenix and Pentagon delivered a Super Package Piledriver/Double Stomp combo to Matt onto a ladder. The Lucha Brothers climbed the ladder and grabbed the AAA World Tag Team Titles. 

[Post Match] Two men came out in masks and attacked the Lucha Brothers. They delivered a combo Blockbuster/Powerbomb to Nick. They removed the mask and were revealed to be LAX as they got a nice reaction from the crowd.

  • WINNERS: The Lucha Brothers retained the AAA World Tag Team Titles (****3/4)

(Amin’s Analysis: This was complete insanity as this felt like a spectacle and a showcase for both teams than a classic ladder match. Nick’s spot near the end was really scary and could’ve got really hurt. The match was filled with some incredible spots as the Lucha Brothers and Young Bucks are two of the most talented tag teams in the world as they worked extremely hard and put on a show for the fans. An insane match that’s definitely worth watching.)

They aired a commercial announcing the next AEW pay-per-view called Full Gear which will take placed on Saturday, November 9 from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

AEW World Championship Match: Chris Jericho vs. Hangman PagePage came out on a horse which got a big reaction. The crowd chantedLet’s go Hangman and Y2J.” Page delivered a big boot for a near fall. Jericho delivered a missile dropkick for a near fall. Page blocked the Wall of Jericho and delivered a tope sending Jericho into the barricade. Page delivered a flying clothesline for a near fall. Page attempted a running Shooting Star Press from the ring apron but Jericho caught him with a Codebreaker (slightly) miss-timed on the floor. Jericho delivered a running forearm sending Page into the barricade. Jericho rang the bell and then tossed it aside. Jericho attacked Page with a microphone. Jericho delivered an armbar DDT as there was a chant of Stupid Idiot.” Jericho delivered a back senton and a dropkick for a pair of near falls. Jericho went for a flying crossbody but Page rolled through and delivered a fallaway slam. Page delivered a rolling senton and a sliding lariat. Page delivered a running Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Page avoided a Lionsault and delivered a middle rope Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. Jericho avoided a Crunchy, went for the Walls of Jericho but Page broke free. Page delivered a discus elbow. (There was a bad camera shot as you can clearly see the referee handing Jericho something. My guess: It was a blade.) Jericho was shown on the floor bleeding from the eye. Page delivered stomps in the corner. They battled on the top turnbuckle as Page delivered an Avalanche Swinging Neckbreaker but Jericho kicked out. Jericho attempted a springboard but Page countered by delivering a Superkick. Page delivered a Buckshot Lariat. Page went for the Deadeye but Jericho countered by applying the Walls of Jericho but Page grabbed the ropes. Jericho charged but Page backdropped him to the floor. Page delivered a reverse moonsault to Jericho on the floor. Page attempted a Buckshot Lariat but Jericho countered by delivering a Codebreaker which got a good reaction for a close near fall. Page delivered a rolling elbow, went for a standing Shooting Star Press but Jericho got him knees up. Jericho went for the Codebreaker but Page caught him. Jericho applied a Sunset flip for a near fall. Page went from a jackknife corner, rolled through and delivered the Deadeye but Jericho kicked out which got the biggest reaction of the match. Page delivered a Buckshot Lariat. Page went for a Discus Elbow but Jericho countered by delivering the Judas Effect for the win which got a big pop. 

  • WINNER: Chris Jericho becomes the first AEW World Champion (***1/2)

(Amin’s Analysis: This was the right decision because Jericho is an established superstars and should be AEW Champion heading to TNT in October. Jericho and Page both worked hard but this was a but this was a basic normal paced match. The blood didn’t help either as the match got a pretty mild reaction till the finish. AEW World Championship match had to go on last but this didn’t feel like a huge crowning moment. Which is should when you’re about to debut on TNT.)

[Overall Thoughts] The show’s production value was very good as everything was really well shot. I also liked how they displayed the win/loss records for some wrestlers when they came out. The best pro wrestling match was Omega/PAC with Cody and Spears coming in a close second. The match worth seeing was the incredible spectacle Ladder Match between The Lucha Brothers and The Young Bucks. Everything else on the show was average to good depending on your flavour of match. Like I mentioned in my analysis of the Jericho/Page match something was missing in the AEW World Title match. My other complain like most WWE PPVs, this show dragged and went way too long. Overall, AEW All Out was a thumbs in the middle show.

Image Credit – AEW


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