ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard Review: Jay White vs. Kazuchika Okada

G1 SupercardShow: ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard
Location: Madison Square Garden in New York City 
Date: Saturday April 6, 2019

Jeff Cobb def. Will Ospreay to win both the NEVER Openweight & ROH World Television Title  Ospreay delivered a Phenomenal Forearm from the barricade to Cobb on the floor. There was a spot were Cobb was suppose to catch Ospreay when he went for a Tiger Drop but timing was off. Ospreay delivered a DDT to Cobb on the floor.  Cobb delivered an impressive looking delayed Superplex for near fall. Ospreay delivered a Feint Kick and then delivered a Phenomenal Forearm for a near fall. Ospreay went for the Storm Breaker but Cobb countered by delivering a Fallaway Slam and then delivered a Samoan drop for a near fall. Ospreay delivered a Code Red for a near fall. Ospreay delivered a high kick but Cobb responded by delivering a lariat. Ospreay avoided a Frog Splash and delivered the Robinson Special. There was a great spot as Cobb threw Ospreay who leaped off the middle turnbuckle and delivered an OzCutter for a great near fall. Ospreay delivered a hook kick and then delivered a Cheeky Nandos kick. They battled on the turnbuckle as Cobb delivered a Super Tour of the Islands. Cobb delivered a second Tour of the Islands for the win. ☆☆☆☆

(Amin’s Analysis: This was a great match as both Cobb and Ospreay worked hard. There were some great and innovative spots. Cobb is really athletic and works great as the power house. Ospreay is one the best wresters and is just so fun to watch)

Rush def. Dalton Castle (w/the Boys) – Rush delivered a Woo dropkick and then delivered back-to-back running dropkicks to Castle in the corner for the win. (After the match, Castle attacked one of the boys and delivered the Bang-a-Ran to the other boy) DUD

(Amin’s Analysis: A great way to make Rush feel like star with a quick win. The major focus was on Castle as his character looks to be taking a different turn)

Kelly Klein def. Mayu Iwatani to win the Women of Honor World Title – Klein delivered a Samoan drop for a near fall. Iwantani applied a rear-naked choke but Klein broke free. Iwantani leaped off the turnbuckle but Klein countered by delivering a Fallaway Slam. Iwantani delivered a beautiful looking flying crossbody to Klein on the floor. Iwantani delivered a missed timed reverse hurricanrna for a near fall. Iwatani delivered snap Dragon suplex but Klein’s foot was placed on the rope before the referee could make a count. Iwantani missed a reverse moonsault as Klein delivered back-to-back K-Powers for the win. ☆☆

After the match, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky came out and got into Klein’s face. Mandy Leon came out. Leon attacked Klein. Love laid out Jenny Rose who tried to make the save. Sky sprayed Stella Grey in the face as Leon gave her a DDT. They are called “The Allure” as they drew the logo on Klein’s forehead. (This is really similar to group in TNA Wrestling called The Beautiful People and for most part was not good)

(Amin’s Analysis: Iwantani and Klein worked hard but this was not a good match)

Next was the washroom break segment as rapper Mega Ran came out and performed his song “Going to the Garden” as the fans loudly booed. Bully Ray came out as the fans wanted to see him beat Mega Ran up. Bully shoved him to mat and then whipped him with a chain. (This was lame) Juice Robinson was taken out backstage so Flip Gordon came out to answer the challenge.

Flip Gordon, Juice Robinson & Mark Haskins def. Bully Ray, Shane Taylor & Silas Young – Flip delivered a Superkick to Bully. Flip leaped off the turnbuckle but Bully countered by delivering a 3D. Flip delivered a Superkick as Taylor and Young came out. The lights went out as Juice and Haskins appeared on the stage and turned Bully’s open invitation into a six-man tag match. Bully delivered a Powerbomb to Flip. Young delivered a corkscrew splash to Juice. Taylor delivered a Popup Michinoku Driver to Haskins. Bully, Taylor and Young whacked Juice in the back with kendo sticks. Bully delivered a Super Powerbomb sending Juice crashing through a table. Juice delivered a running cannonball to Taylor into pallets in the corner. Haskins delivered the Wazzz Upp spot to Bully’s groin as Flip followed with the 450 Splash for the win.  1/4

(Amin’s Analysis: Everyone worked hard but this was your plunder hardcore match that you see in ECW or during the time WWE had the Hardcore Championship)

Dragon Lee def. Bandido & Taiji Ishimori in a Triple-Threat match to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title – Bandido delivered a flying head scissors to Lee and then delivered a Tiger Drop on the floor. Lee delivered a jumping hurricanrana sending Bandido to the floor. Ishimori delivered a reverse moonsault to Lee on the floor. Lee delivered a Tiger Driver to Ishimori for near fall. There was a great spot as Lee went for a double stomp but Bandido stopped him by delivering a springboard hurricanrana. Ishimori delivered La Mistica to Bandido as Lee delivered a running Canadian Destroyer to Ishimori for a near fall. Bandido delivered a Popup Cutter to Ishimori for a near fall. Ishimori delivered the Bloody Cross to Lee for a near fall. There was a CRAZY spot as Bandido delivered a Super stereo Fallaway Slam to Ishimori and Lee from the top turnbuckle. Lee delivered a reverse hurricanrana to Bandido and a running knee strike to Ishimori. Lee delivered the Liger Driver to Bandido for the win. ☆☆☆☆

(Amin’s Analysis: This was short but an awesome match for the time given as everyone worked extremely hard at an incredible pace as there were so many awesome spots)

Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa def. Brody King & PCO, EVIL & SANADA & The Briscoes to retain the IWGP Tag Team Title & win the ROH World Tag Team Titles – PCO was attached to an electric chair and was shocked with car batteries to bring him to wake him up. PCO delivered a flip dive to Jay and Mark Briscoe on the floor. SANADA placed Loa in the Paradise Lock. Brody delivered a flip dive to Loa and Tonga on the floor. EVIL placed a chair around Tonga’s neck and whacked him with another chair. Jay delivered a J-Driller too SANADA as Mark followed by delivering a Frog Splash but Brody broke the count. Brody choke slammed Jay on the ring apron as PCO followed by delivering a Swanton Bomb. There was a crazy spot as Loa and Tonga delivered a Running Powerbomb sending PCO from the ring to the floor. Jado whacked Brody with a kendo stick as Tonga delivered a Cutter. Loa and Tonga delivered a Super Powerbomb to Brody for the win. ☆☆☆ 1/4

After the match, Yano appeared on the entrance ramp with the IWGP Tag Team Titles. The big angle took place at ringside as Enzo Amore and Big Cass appeared and did a run-in around ring side which wasn’t show on the broadcast. Bully Ray and The Briscoes sent Big Cass and Enzo away. The announcers didn’t address this as you could hear the crowd loudly boo and chant FU Enzo in the background. (This was not good)

(Amin’s Analysis: This was a fun match as there were some nice and creative spots. PCO felt like a star as they put focus on him The angle with Toro Yano should set up a tag team championship match)

Zack Sabre Jr. def. Hiroshi Tanahashi via Submission to retain the British Heavyweight Title Tanahashi got a big reaction and felt like a mega star. It was clear that the fans at MSG came to watch the NJPW matches and were mildly interested in the ROH matchesTanahashi delivered a reverse crossbody to Sabre. Tanahashi went for a back senton but Sabre countered by applying an armbar. Tanahashi delivered a middle rope somersault senton for a near fall. Sabre and Tanahashi exchanged cobra twists. Tanahashi delivered a dragon screw in-between the ropes. Tanahashi went for the Cloverleaf but Sabre countered by applying a triangle hold. Tanahashi countered and reapplied the Cloverleaf but Sabre grabbed the ropes. Tanahashi delivered a Slingblade. Sabre delivered an overhead kick. Sabre applied a Victory Roll into a bridge for a near fall. Sabre delivered a PK for a near fall. Tanahashi delivered a dragon screw, went for a Dragon suplex but Sabre countered by applying a rollup into a bridge for a near fall. Tanahashi delivered a triple Twist-and-Shout and followed with a Slingblade for a near fall. Sabre placed Tanahashi in an Octopus Hold and then transitioned into Orienteering of Napoleon and got the got the submission win. ☆☆☆ 3/4

(Amin’s Analysis: This was a very good professional technical wrestling match. Sabre is really fun to watch and is so creative in applying various different submission holds. Tanahashi looks to be hurting but is a legend and still so fun to watch him wrestle)

Kota Ibushi def. Tetsuya Naito to win the IWGP Intercontinental Title – Ibushi and Naito got big reactions when they came out. Ibushi delivered a hurricanrana. Naito delivered a Slingshot dropkick in the corner and a neck breaker for a near fall. Ibushi delivered KENTA strikes and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Naito launched Ibushi into the turnbuckle and then delivered a Claymore Kick for a near fall. Naito delivered back-to-back neck breakers and a sliding dropkick for a near fall. Ibushi delivered a Pele Kick. Ibushi delivered a flying hurricanrana to Naito from the ring apron to the floor.  Ibushi delivered a Springboard double stomp for a near fall. Naito delivered a rolling kick and then delivered a Slingshot tornado DDT for near fall. Naito delivered a Super Hurricanrana and then delivered Gloria but Ibushi kicked out. There was a CRAZY spot as Naito was standing on the ring apron as Ibushi delivered a middle rope Swandive German Suplex for a near fall. Ibushi delivered a straight jacket German suplex but Naito kicked out. Naito delivered a missed timed reverse Dude Buster for a near fall. Naito spat at Ibushi who responded by delivering palm strikes. Naito delivered a reverse hurricanrana and followed with a Destino but Ibushi kicked out for a GREAT near fall. Ibushi delivered a head kick to Naito. Ibushi delivered back-to-back Bomb Ye (Kinshasa) but Naito kicked out for a close near fall. Ibushi delivered a Last Ride Powerbomb but Naito kicked out. The finish came when Ibushi delivered a Kamagoye Knee Strike to Naito for the win. ☆☆☆☆ 1/4

(Amin’s Analysis: This was a great match as both Ibushi and Naito worked really hard and are amazing wrestlers. Naito has great facial reactions, his timing his great and can turn his matches from 1 to 10 in seconds. Ibushi is one the best wrestlers in the world and plays an awesome babyface. He takes many unnessarary bumps in a matches but is passionate and wants to put on a show for the fans. Loved the emotion Ibushi showed after winning the IWGP Intercontinental Title. NJPW gets credit as they make you care about who’s champion in their promotion)

Matt Taven def. Jay Lethal & Marty Scurll in a Triple-Threat Ladder Match to win the ROH World Title – Scurll came out to a big reaction. Lethal whacked Scurll with a chair. Scurll delivered a tornado DDT to Taven on the floor. Scurll sent Taven into ladders which were placed in opposite corners. Lethal dropped a ladder onto Scurll and Taven. Scurll placed Lethal’s head in-between the ladder and then delivered multiple Con-Chair-Tos. Taven delivered a Superkick to Scurll. Lethal’s head was placed in-between the ladder as Taven delivered a PK. Lethal trapped Scurll’s leg in-between the ladder and applied a Figure-4-Leg Lock. Lethal delivered a Cutter to Scurll on the ring apron. Taven delivered a Running Powerbomb to Lethal onto a ladder on the floor. Scurll delivered a 619 to Taven and then called for the Chicken Wing which got a big reaction. Taven responded by delivering a DDT to Scurll. Scurll delivered a Superplex to Taven off the ladder. Scurll whacked Lethal with his umbrella which got a good reaction. Lethal went for the Lethal Injection but Scurll countered by applying the Chicken Wing. Lethal broke free by ramming Scurll into a ladder in the corner. Scurll placed Lethal in the Chicken Wing on top of the ladder. They battled on the ladder as Scurll snapped the fingers of Taven. Scurll was knocked off the ladder. Lethal delivered a flatliner to Taven into a ladder. Lethal delivered Lethal Injection to Scurll. Taven delivered a spear in-between the ropes sending Scurll crashing through a table on the floor as the crowd chanted “Mama Mia” mimicking Mauro Ranallo. (Wrong PromotionLethal delivered a Macho Man elbow drop off the ladder to Taven who went crashing through a table. Lethal and Scrull exchanged strikes on top of the ladder as Taven brought out a purple ladder. Taven knocked Scurll off the ladder. Taven used the championship belt as he whacked Lethal off the ladder. Taven grabbed the title and became the new ROH World Champion. ☆☆☆ 2/4

(Amin’s Analysis: The match dragged and went way too long. This was still a very good match as there were lots of big bumps, creative spots as Lethal, Scurll and Taven worked really hard)

Kazuchika Okada def. Jay White to win the IWGP Heavyweight Title – Okada came out to a superstar reaction. The match started with some chain wrestling. Okada delivered a big boot to White and a neck breaker for a near fall. Okada sent White into barricade and then delivered a running boot. Okada went for a draping DDT but Gedo caused a distraction as White rammed him into the ring post. White delivered a backdrop driver for a near fall. White delivered a DDT and then taunted the crowd. White applied a Muda Lock but Okada grabbed the ropes. Okada delivered a flapjack, a running back elbow to White in the corner and then delivered a DDT for a near fall. Okada placed White on the turnbuckle and delivered a standing dropkick. Okada sent White into the barricade and then delivered a running boot. Okada delivered a running crossbody to Gedo and White over the barricade. White delivered a twisting suplex for a near fall. Okada delivered a shoulder breaker. Okada delivered a Woo dropkick and then delivered a missile dropkick for a near fall. Okada delivered a diving elbow drop and then did his Rainmaker pose which got a big reaction. White delivered a flatliner and a German suplex. White delivered a snap suplex to Okada into the turnbuckle and then delivered a uranage for a near fall. White delivered a Kiwi Crusher for a near fall. Okada delivered a Tombstone. White delivered chops but Okada countered by delivering a dropkick. Okada went for a Rainmaker but Gedo caused a distraction as White delivered a Sleeper suplex. Okada delivered a dropkick to the back and then delivered a Spinning Rainmaker. Okada delivered a second Rainmaker but White kicked out for a GREAT near fall as the crowd was shocked. White countered a Tombstone and delivered a Blade Runner but couldn’t go for a cover. Gedo caused a distraction as White delivered a low blow. Okada countered the Blade Runer and delivered a German suplex. Okada delivered a Rainmaker, maintained wrist control and delivered a second Rainmaker. Okada delivered a Spinning Tombstone and followed with Rainmaker for the win. ☆☆☆☆ 3/4

(Amin’s Analysis: The match started slow but this turned into an awesome match as both Okada and White worked really hard. The final 10 minutes were great. White is an awesome wrestling, has great presence and is great in his role. Okada is the best wrestler in the world. He has great facial reactions, always puts on a great match, his ring movement is flawless and knows how to build up a match)

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