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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Review: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

Greatest Royal Rumble

Below is my review and star ratings for WWE Greatest Royal Rumble which took place from the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which streamed live on the award-winning WWE Network. 

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Review 

John Cena def. Triple H 

  • Rating: ***2/4

We got a test of strength match early. HHH delivered a big clothesline and a back suplex. HHH mocked Cena’ pose and delivered his version of the Five Knuckle Shuffle for a near fall. Cena attempted a leg drop from the top turnbuckle but HHH planted him with a power bomb for a near fall. Cena applied the STF but HHH broke free and delivered a spine buster for a near fall. Cena delivered a back suplex, a Five Knuckle Shuffle and delivered an Attitude Adjustment but HHH kicked out for a great near fall. Cena attempted another AA but HHH countered and delivered a Pedigree for another great near fall. HHH countered an AA and rolled Cena up for a near fall. Cena applied another SFT but HHH countered by applying a crossface. Cena broke free, delivered an AA and then catapult HHH into the ring post and delivered another AA for the win. 

  • A really fun match at both Cena and HHH worked really hard and the crowd was super hot. Cena cut a promo and said it’s been a honour and privilege to be part of the Greatest Royal Rumble. Cena said despite what’s been going around him he wasn’t going to miss the event and thanks the fans and city for this hospitality. 

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Cedric Alexander def. Kalisto to retain to the WWE Cruiserweight Title 

  • Rating: **2/4

Kalisto delivered a head scissors and springboard 450 to the floor. Alexander delivered a step-up enzuguri and a nice looking flip dive to the floor. Alexander delivered a dropkick for a near fall. Kalisto delivered a crossbody and a tornado DDT for a near fall. Alexander delivered a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Kalisto delivered a springboard super Spanish Fly from the top rope for a near fall. Finish came when Kalisto went for the Salida Del Sol but Alexander countered and delivered a Lumbar Check for the win. 

  • Both Alexander and Kalisto worked hard but it was an average match.

RAW Tag Team Championship Match: Bray Wyatt & ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy def. Cesaro & Sheamus to win the Vacant RAW Tag Team Titles 

  • Rating: **1/4

Matt delivered a side Russian backdrop and Wyatt delivered a body attack to Cesaro. Matt delivered a clothesline and followed up with a neck breaker to Sheamus for a near fall. Cesaro and Sheamus delivered a double thrust kick to Matt for a near fall. Cesaro delivered a running European uppercut and a gutwrench suplex to Matt for a near fall. Matt delivered a side effect to Sheamus and tagged in Wyatt. Wyatt delivered strikes to Cesaro and running body attack for a near fall. Cesaro and Sheamus delivered a double team White Noise to Wyatt but Matt broke the count. Matt delivered the Twist of Fate to Cesaro. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Wyatt stopped him by doing the crab walk. Wyatt dodged another Brogue Kick attempt and delivered a Sister Abigail. Matt and Wyatt delivered an elevated Twist of Fate to Sheamus for the win. 

  • This felt like your regular house show tag team match. 

WWE United States Championship Match: Jeff Hardy def. Jinder Mahal to retain the United States Title 

  • Rating: *

Jeff delivered a flying clothesline off the barricade to Mahal. Sunil jumped on apron as Mahal took advantage by delivering a clubbing blow to Jeff. Mahal went for a elevated gut buster but Jeff countered by delivering a leg drop for a near fall. Jeff went for the Whisper in the Wind but missed. Mahal then fell to the matt and sold the move. Jeff delivered a Twist of Fate and got the win after delivering the Swanton Bomb. 

  • This match ranged from dull, to bad to horrible 

(There was a Prayer break so WWE aired a video package on the city of Saudi Arabia. Also during the break, Chris Jericho put Mike Rome on the “List of Jericho” and Daniel Bryan hyped up the Greatest Royal Rumble match)

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: The Bludgeon Brothers def. The Usos to retain the SmackDown Tag Team Title 

  • Rating: *3/4

Luke Harper delivered strikes to Jey as Erick Rowan tagged in and delivered more strikes. Rowan delivered a back breaker and big splash to Jey for a near fall. Harper missed a boot in the corner as Jimmy tagged in and delivered a plancha to Harper. Jimmy delivered a cross body for near fall. Jimmy and Jey delivered a double team super kick to Harper and Rowan. Jey delivered a super splash for a near fall. The Usos went for the double super splash but Rowan pulled Jimmy off and delivered a spinning wheel kick on the floor. Rowan delivered a body attack to Jey on the floor. Harper and Rowan delivered a double team sit-out power bomb to Jimmy for the win. 

  • This match felt like another dull house show tag team match. 

Fatal-4-Way Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Seth Rollins def. Finn Balor, Samoa Joe & The Miz to retain the IC Title. 

  • Rating: ***3/4

Rollins attacked Joe and Miz went after Balor. Balor delivered a basement dropkick to Miz. Rollins delivered a combo blockbuster to Joe and Miz. Rollins delivered a tope to Balor and Miz. Miz and Rollins attacked Joe with a ladder. Balor delivered a flip dive to Miz and Rollins. Joe delivered a drop toe hold to Rollins onto a ladder. Balor delivered a foot stomp to Joe on the ladder. Miz yanked Balor off the ladder and delivered a big boot. Balor and Rollins exchanged strikes on the ladder but Joe and Miz tipped the ladder over. Joe suplex Balor on a ladder and then tossed Rollins into a ladder. Balor delivered a sling blade and followed up by delivering a Woo dropkick to Joe into the ladder. We got a Tower of Doom spot for a big pop. Miz delivered a Skull Crushing Finale to Joe onto a ladder. Miz delivered a neck breaker to Balor and a snap DDT to Rollins. Miz attacked Balor and Rollins with a ladder. Balor delivered a Coup de Grace to Miz who was laying on the ladder. Balor delivered an overhead kick to Joe. Balor escaped the Coquina Clutch and delivered a double foot stomp to Joe. Balor climbed the ladder but Rollins spring-boarded onto the ladder and grabbed the Intercontinental Title for the win. 

  • A really fun match as everyone worked hard and there were some nice creative spots. The finish was creative but felt flat. 

Ariya and Shawn Daivari interrupted the WWE Saudi Arabia tryouts. 

Mike Rome introduced four athletes from the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia tryouts and got big pops from the crowd as Ariya and Shawn Daiwari came out and were loudly booed. Ariya then cut a heel promo on Faisal, Hussein, Monsoour, and Nessar. The four tryouts make quick work of Ariya and Shawn Daivari which got a big pop from the crowd. 

WWE Championship Match: A.J. Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – Ended in a Double Count-out

  • Rating: ***3/4

We got chain wrestling early as Nakamura worked over the arm of Styles. Nakamura delivered strikes but Styles delivered a dropkick. Nakamura kicked the back of the knee of Styles. Nakamura delivered a running knee strike and a knee drop from the apron for a near fall. Nakamura sent out some “Good Vibrations” Styles avoided an Exploder and delivered a face buster to Nakamura and followed up with a sliding forearm. Styles avoided a sleeper and delivered an ushigorishi for a near fall. Nakamura delivered more knee strikes and a face buster to Styles. Nakamura set up for the Kinshasa but Styles countered and rolled up Nakamura for a near fall. Styles applied a Calf Crusher but Nakamura grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold. Nakamra countered the Phenomenal Forearm and delivered a running knee strike in the corner for a near fall. Nakamura placed Styles on the turnbuckle and delivered a head kick. Nakamura and Styles had a great strike exchange. Nakamura avoided the Phenomenal Blitz and applied an arm bar. Styles countered by rolling Nakmura up for a near fall and then delivered a Pele Kick. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Nakamura moved out of the way. With the referee distracted, Nakamura delivered a low blow, went for the cover but Styles grabbed the bottom rope. Nakamura set up for the Kinshasa but Styles countered with a forearm. Styles tacked Nakamura over the announcers table. Nakamura and Styles battled on the floor as the referee counted them out. (After the match, Styles delivered a running forearm into the barricade and attacked Nakmuara with a steel chair. Styles delivered a springboard forearm to Nakamura on the floor.) 

  • A great match as both Nakamura and Styles worked really hard. Didn’t mind the finish as it protected both Nakamura and Styles and sets up a rematch. Nakamura is hot right now and I would like see WWE make the switch and have Nakamura win the WWE Championship at WWE Backlash. 

Casket Match: The Undertaker def. Rusev

  • Rating: **1/4

Aiden English sang a song and introduced Rusev. The Undertaker came out and got a massive pop. Undertaker called for the casket as Rusev bailed to the floor. Undertaker grabbed Rusev and delivered strikes in the corner. Undertaker delivered Old School to Rusev. Undertaker punched Rusev onto the casket who got spooked out. Undertaker sent Rusev into the barricade and delivered a leg drop from the ring apron. Undertaker rolled Rusev into the casket but English stopped him. Back in the ring, Rusev delivered a Machka Kick. Rusev delivered a spinning heel kick to Undertaker and then applied the Accolade. Rusev called for the casket to open but Undertaker sat up. Undertaker went for a choke slam but Rusev got out of the way. Rusev and Undertaker had a good back-and-forth strike exchange. Undertaker delivered a choke slam to Rusev. English appeared in the ring and was met with a choke slam. Undertaker then delivered a Tombstone Piledriver to English and placed both Aiden and Rusev into the casket for the win. 

  • A fine match. The crowd was hot and popped for the Undertaker who got a big pyro display after his win. 

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar def. Roman Reigns to retain the Universal Title 

  • Rating: **3/4

Lesnar delivered four straight German suplex to Reigns as the match began. Lesnar planted Reigns with an F5 and smiled to the crowd. Reigns avoided another F5 and delivered three straight Superman Punches. Reigns went for a Spear but Lesnar caught him. Reigns tried to climb the cage but Lesnar planted him with a German suplex. Lesnar tried to escape but Reigns stopped him by delivering a running power bomb as Joe looked on backstage. Reigns sent Lesnar into the cage multiple times and followed up by delivering three straight spears but Lesnar kicked out. Reigns went to leave the cage but Heyman slammed the door in his face. Lesnar delivered another F5 but Reigns kicked out. Heyman tossed a chair in the ring as Lesnar removed his gloves. Reigns delivered another spear but Lesnar kicked out. Reigns then attacked Lesnar with a chair. Reigns delivered another Superman Punch and then speared Lesnar out of the cage. Brock landed out of cage first and won the match. 

  • This was a really hard hitting match as both Lesnar and Reigns worked hard.  The finish of the match was lame but I didn’t mind it as it protected both Lesnar and Reigns. 

Braun Strowman won the Greatest Royal Rumble match 

  • Rating: ***2/4

(1) Daniel Bryan comes out first and got a massive reaction. (2) Dolph Ziggler comes out next. Bryan delivered strikes but Ziggler delivered a dropkick. (3) Sin Cara came out next and delivered a springboard reverse moonsault to Bryan and Ziggler. Ziggler delivered a super kick and clotheslined Cara to the floor. (4) Curtis Axel came out next and attacked both Bryan and Ziggler. (5) Mark Henry came out next and head butted Axel to the floor. (6) Mike Kannelis came out next and was immediately eliminated by Henry. (7) Hiroki Sumi came out next, had a stare down with Henry. Henry dumped him and then Bryan and Ziggler eliminated Henry. (8) Viktor came out next and delivered a flying knee to Bryan. Bryan snapped his arm and tossed Konnor to the floor. (9) Kofi Kingston came out next, got a nice pop and delivered a double boom drop to both Byran and Ziggler. (10) Tony Nese came out next and attacked Kingston with strikes. (11) Dash Wilder came out next. (12) Hornswoggle came out next and helped eliminate Wilder. Swoggle delivered a DVD to Kingston. Swoggle attempted the tadpole splash but Ziggler super kicked him. Swogggle bit the arm of Ziggler but Nese eliminated him. (13) Primo came out next. (14) Xavier Woods played his trombone to the ring. Primo dumped Woods and then Kingston to the ring apron. Kingston landed on top of him. Kingston climbed the turnbuckle with Woods onto his back and delivered a crossbody to Bryan, Nese and Ziggler. Nese danced with Kingston and Woods but was then dumped to the floor. (15) Bo Dallas came out next. (16) Kurt Angle was out next and got a massive pop. Angle dumped Dallas and Primo to the floor. Ziggler charged but Angle caught him and delivered an overhead suplex and tossed Ziggler to the floor. (17) Scott Dawson came out next. (18) Goldust was out next. Bryan delivered a flying clothesline to Kingston. (19) Konnor was out next. (20) Elias was out and played his guitar to the ring. Elias eliminated Konnor, Kingston and Woods. (21) Luke Gallows came out next.  Bryan delivered “Yes” kicks to Angle but Kurt delivered an Angle Slam. Elias appeared from behind and tossed Angle to the floor. (22) Rhyno was out next. (23) Drew Gulak was out and went right after Bryan. (24) Tucker Knight from NXT came out next and attacked Elias. (25) Bobby Roode came out next and delivered a blockbuster to Elias. Roode eliminated Goldust from the match. Roode catapult Dawson to the floor. (26) Fandango came out next (27) Chad Gable came out next and delivered an electric chair to Knight. (28) Rey Mysterio came out next and got a huge pop. Rey head scissored Gallows to floor and delivered a tornado DDT to Gable. (29) Mojo Rawley came out next and went right after Gable. (30) Tyler Breeze came out next. Mojo eliminated both Breeze and Fandango. (31) Big E came out next and dumped Knight to the floor. (32) Karl Anderson was out and delivered a spine buster to Roode. Mysterio delivered the 619 to Roode. (33) Apollo Crews was out and dumped Gable to the floor. (34) Roderick Strong from NXT was out next and delivered back breakers to Anderson, Mysterio and Roode. (35) Randy Orton was out next and got a big pop. Orton caught Crews leaping off the turnbuckle with an RKO. Orton eliminated, Anderson, Crews and Mojo from the match. (36) Heath Slater was out next. (37) Babatunde from NXT came out next, delivered a shoulder tackle to Roode. (38) Baron Corbin was out next and threw Elias into the steel steps. Corbin delivered an awesome looking Deep Six to Rey. Corbin eliminated both Roode and Strong from the match. (39) Titus O’Neil was out next and feel down on his way to the ring. (40) Dan Matha came out next. (41) Braun Strowman came out next, got a huge pop and eliminated Babatunde, Big E and Dan Matha. Strowman then tossed Slater to the floor. (42) Tye Dillinger came out next as everyone tried to eliminate Strowman. Strowman eliminated Dillinger from the match. Rey delivered a 619 and Orton delivered an RKO to Strowman. Rey attempted a springboard but Corbin punched him in mid-air and eliminated him. Orton eliminated Corbin but then Elias eliminated Orton. (43) Curt Hawkins came out next. Strowman shoulder tackled Bryan into the barricade and then eliminated Hawkins. (44) Bobby Lashley was out next, got a fine pop and eliminated Elias. Lashley and Strowman went back-and-forth which was fun. Bryan returned and delivered running dropkicks to Lashley and Strowman in the corner. (45) The Great Khali slowly walked down the ramp and delivered chops to everyone. Lashey and Strowman eliminated Khali from the match. (46) Kevin Owens was out next and delivered running cannonballs to Lashley and Strowman in the corner. Owens delivered a pop-up power bomb to Byran. (47) Shane McMahon was out next, got a fine pop, and went right after Owens. Shane delivered a sloppy tornado DDT to Owens. Bryan and Shane had a stare down and then delivered “Yes” kicks to Owens. (48) Shelton Benjamin was out next. (49) Big Cass came out next and went right after Bryan. Cass delivered a big boot, Benjamin delivered a high knee, Lashley delivered a shoulder tackle and Shane delivered the Coast-to-Coast to Strowman. (50) Chris Jericho came out last and got a big pop. Jericho delivered a Code Breaker and eliminated Benjamin. Lashey delivered a standing vertical suplex but sliped and dropped Cass on his head. Bryan delivered running sliding dropkicks to Owens in the corner. Bryan asked Shane to deliver the Coast-to-Coast but Strowman grabbed him and launched him through the announcers table as he was eliminated. Strowman eliminated Jericho, Lashey and Owens from the match. Bryan tried to eliminate Strowman but Cass retured and gave him a big boot and then eliminated him. Cass and Strowman remained in the match. Cass went for a running big boot but got crotched on the top rope. Strowman shook the rope delivered a big shoulder tackle and eliminated Cass from the match. 

  • A fun match with some nice spots. Bryan was the highlight of the match and was booked super strong. Didn’t mind Cass eliminating Bryan as it builds up their match for WWE Backlash. Strowman was my second choice to win the match and was loudly cheered by the crowd. 

Greatest Royal Rumble Participants: (1) Daniel Bryan (2) Dolph Ziggler  (3) Sin Cara (4) Curtis Axel (5) Mark Henry  (6) Mike Kannelis  (7) Hiroki Sumi  (8) Viktor (9) Kofi Kingston (10) Tony Nese (11) Dash Wilder  (12) Hornswoggle (13) Primo (14) Xavier Woods (15) Bo Dallas  (16) Kurt Angle  (17) Scott Dawson (18) Goldust  (19) Konnor (20) Elias (21) Luke Gallows (22) Rhyno (23) Drew Gulak (24) Tucker Knight  (25) Bobby Roode (26) Fandango (27) Chad Gable (28) Rey Misterio  (29) Mojo Rawley (30) Tyler Breeze (31) Big E (32) Karl Anderson (33) Apollo Crews (34) Roderick Strong (35) Randy Orton (36) Heath Slater (37) Babatunde (38) Baron Corbin (39) Titus O’ Neil (4) Dan Matha (41) Braun Strowman (42) Tye Dillinger (43) Curt Hawkins (44) Bobby Lashley (45) The Great Khali (46) Kevin Owens (47) Shane McMahon (48) Shelton Benjamin (49) Big Cass (50) Chris Jericho


WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon and a Saudi official presented Strowman with the Greatest Royal Rumble trophy and the championship belt. There was a huge pyro display as the show came to a close. 


WWE Greatest Royal Rumble felt like an over-the-top house show. Nakamura and Styles had the best match on the show. The Rumble match, Cena/HHH and the Ladder Match were also fun. Everything else was just there. My biggest takeaway and disappointment of the show was not having any women’s wrestling matches. For a company that promotes and is proud of their “Women’s Evolution” this really shined a spotlight on WWE and not in a good way. 

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