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NJPW Strong Style Evolved Report! Golden Lovers vs. The Young Bucks

NJPW Strong Style Evolved

Below is my full report and star ratings for NJPW Strong Style Evolved which took place from the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California. The main event featured the Golden Lovers facing The Young Bucks.

NJPW Strong Style Evolved

Roppongi 3K & Rocky Romero def. Scorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian 

  • Rating: ***

Romero and Scorpio exchanged strikes. Scorpio delivered a cutter. Yoh delivered a running uppercut. Soh and Yoh delivered a stereo dropkick to Daniels. Yoh delivered a suplex to Kazarian for a near fall. Kazarian botched a springboard kick. Daniels, Kazarian and Scorpio tripled teamed Yoh for a near fall. Daniel delivered a springboard moonsault to Yoh on the floor. Scorpio delivered a springboard cutter to Yoh for a near fall. Romero delivered a springboard crossbody to Scropio and a double frankanstiner to Daniels and Kazarian. Romero delivered a springboard dropkick but Daniels broke the count. Scorpio delivered a flip dive to Sho and Yoh on the floor. Scorpio accidentally delivered a cutter to Daniels. Yoh delivered a plancha to the floor. Daniels and Kazarian delivered the Best Meltzer Ever but was broken up by Yoh. Soh delivered back-to-back German suplex to Scorpio. Sho delivered a backstabber and Yoh delivered a dropkick to Scorpio. Sho and Yoh delivered the 3K to Scorpio for the win. 

  • A fun tag team match to open the show and which had some big spots.

David Finlay & Juice Robinson def. Hiroki Goto & Gedo

  • Rating: **

Juice with a back elbow to Goto. Goto delivered a big clothesline to Juice and then suplex Finlay onto Juice. Goto was bleeding from the mouth. Geto and Goto delivered a double shoulder tackle to Juice. Geto raked Juice in the eyes. Juice delivered jabs. Finlay got the tag an delivered a rolling elbow to Goto. Finlay delivered a European uppercut to Goto for a near fall. Goto delivered an Unshigorishi and Geto followed up with a kick to the face for a near fall. Juice delivered a pump handle slam and a plancha to Gedo on the floor. Finlay delivered a cutter to Goto for the win. 

  • A fine tag team wrestling match. 

Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer def. Chuckie T & Toru Yano

  • Rating: **2/4

Archer and Smith attacked Chuckie and Yano as the bell rang. Chuckie delivered Eat Defeat to Smith and then applied a Octopus hold. Smith delivered a German suplex to Chuckie. Archer delivered strikes in the corner and a big clothesline. Archer delivered Old School to Chuckie. Smith delivered a overhead suplex Chuckie. for a near fall. Smith applied a Boston crab. Archer delivered a shoulder tackle. Smith delivered a double underhook suplex to Chuckie for a near fall. Chuckie delivered a DDT and tagged in Yano. Archer blocked a low blow and delivered a atomic drop but Archer no sold it. Smith accidentally ran into Archer as Chuckie delivered a flip dive on the floor. Chuckie delivered a pile driver but Smith broke the count. Archer delivered a choke slam for a near fall but Chuckie countered with a back slide for a near fall. Archer and Smith delivered the Killer Bomb to Chuckie for the win. 

  • A fine tag team match. The crowd helped this match a lot as they were going wild for Yano and his comedic spots. Chuckie T also worked hard in the match. 

Cody & Marty Scurll (w/Brandi Rhodes) def. Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga 

  • Rating: **3/4

Cody was loudly booed but Scurll was cheered. Tonga delivered strikes and an arm drag. Loa with a strike to Scurll. Tonga slammed Scurll to the mat as Cody tagged in. Tonga splashed Cody in the corner. Brandi pulled Cody to the floor as Scurll delivered a super kick to Tonga from the ring apron. Cody delivered a face buster to Tonga. Scurll called for his chicken wing but Cody made the bling tag. Cody went for Cross Rhodes but Tonga reversed and delivered a Cross Rhodes of his own. Loa tagged in an delivered a Samoan drop to Cody. Cody delivered a disaster kick. Tonga delivered a super plex to Cody.  Scurll delivered a super plex to Tonga. Loa delivered a super plex to Scurll. Cody was going for the Terminator Dive but Loa intercepted and delivered a spear but the count was broken up by Scurll. Tonga splashed Scurll in the corner and delivered a dropkick to Cody. Finish came when Cody delivered the Cross Rhodes to Loa for the win. 

  • This was fun match. Cody was the star of this match as he did a great job playing a great heel. Cody got massive heat for his pre-match promo and during the match as well. 

Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI def. Dragon Lee, Ryusuke Taguchi, KUSHIDA & Hiroshi Tanahashi 

  • Rating: ***2/4

Naito and Tanahashi started the match but SANADA delivered a cheap shot. Lee and Takahashi exchanged chops as the crowd was going nuts. Takahashi delivered a head scissors but Lee landed on his feet and delivered a flip dive to the floor. Lee, KUSHIDA and Tanahashi delivered splashes to Takahashi in the corner. KUSHIDA ran into the turnbuckle as Naito and SANADA delivered sliding dropkicks to KUSHIDA. BUSHI delivered a flying dropkick as SANADA tagged in. SANADA placed KUSHIDA in the Paradise Lock and then delivered a sliding dropkick. BUSHI choked KUSHIDA with a shirt. KUSHIDA delivered a springboard back elbow to SANADA as Tanahashi tagged in. Tanahashi delivered a middle rope cross body to SANADA and a double dragon screw to BUSHI and SANADA. SANADA delivered a springboard dropkick to Tanahashi as Naito tagged in. Taguchi applied an ankle lock to Naito. KUSHIDA applied a double wrist lock to BUSHI. Tanahashi applied a cloverleaf to SANADA. Tanashi delivered a sling blade to SANADA. Takahashi delivered a overhead belly-to-belly suplex to Lee into the turnbuckle. Finish came with Naito delivering the Destino to Lee for the win. 

  • A  fun match as everyone did a good job and the crowd was really hot this especially the big spots. Naito and Tanahashi were super over.

Rey Mysterio Jr Promo

Rey Mysterio Jr came out before the match and apologized for not having the match against Liger tonight because of biceps injury. Rey said the match happened in December 1996, so why can’t it happen again? Rey then gave his word and said he will wrestle for New Japan.

Will Ospreay def. Jysuhin Thunder Liger

  • Rating: ***3/4

Liger applied a Romero Special and then followed up with a surf board to Ospreay. Ospreay delivered a running dropkick in the corner to Liger. Liger delivered a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Ospreay and then followed up with a running cannonball from the ring apron. Liger delivered a brain buster to Ospreay on the floor. Liger delivered a Liger bomb for a near fall. Liger delivered a top rope frankenstiner but Ospreay landed on his feet. Ospreay delivered a Sasuke special to Liger on the floor. Ospreay delivered a springboard forearm and a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Ospreay went for the 619 but Liger moved out of the way and delivered a rolling kick. Ospreay went for a Oz Cutter but Liger countered with a brain buster. Liger delivered a brain buster from the top turnbuckle but Ospreay placed his foot on the bottom rope to stop to the referee’s count. Liger delivered a big lariat and followed up with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Ospreay delivered a sit-out power bomb for a near fall. Finish came when Ospreay delivered a springboard Oz Cutter for the win. 

  • This was a very good match as both Liger and Ospreay worked hard and the crowd was very hot for this match. After the match, Ospreay cut a promo and put over Liger. Ospreay said he wants to become the greatest IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship and challenged Rey to a match. The crowd chanted “Yes” Scurll appeared from behind and whacked Ospreay with his umbrella and then removed the mask of Rey when he went to make the save. Liger returned as Scurll left and was loudly booed. 

 Zack Sabre Jr. & Minoru Suzuki def. Tomohiro Ishii & Kazuchika Okada via Referee Stoppage

  • Rating: ***2/4

Ishii and Suzuki had a forearm exchange. Sabre applied an abdominal stretch to Okada on the floor as Suzuki attacked Ishii with a steel chair. Suzuki no-sold Ishii chops and delivered a chop of his own. Sabre applied a fujiwari armbar and Suzuki applied an ankle lock to Ishii at the same time. Sabre and Suzuki applied a double fujiwara armbar to Ishii. Suzuki applied a knee bar but Ishii grabbed the bottom rope. Suzuki slapped Ishii and then delivered a head butt. Okada tagged in and delivered a DDT to Sabre for a near fall. Sabre countered a back breaker and applied a figure-four neck hold. Okada went for a tombstone but Sabre countered and applied a Octopus hold. Sabre transitioned into a coil lock but was broken up by Ishii. Okada applied a cobra clutch but Sabre broke free. Okada went for the rainmaker but Sabre delivered an overhead kick. Suzuki tagged in as Okada delivered a neck breaker. Ishii tagged in and had another strike exchange with Suzuki. Sabre delivered a running European uppercut and Suzuki delivered a running boot in the corner. Ishii delivered a power bomb for a near fall. Okada delivered a dropkick and Ishii delivered a sliding clothesline for a near fall. Suzuki held Okada in the corner as Sabre applied the cross arm breaker and then transitioned into the Orienteering with Napalm Death on Ishii as the referee called for the bell. 

  • A pretty good professional tag team wrestling match as everyone worked hard. The goal was to put over Sabre before he faces Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Title. After the match, Sabre placed Okada in the Octopus hold. 

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Match: ‘Switchblade’ Jay White def. Hangman Page to retain the IWGP United States Heavyweight Title

  • Rating: ***2/4

Page delivered strikes and a suplex to White for a near fall. White delivered a drop kick and a back suplex for a near fall. White applied a stretch but Page broke free. Page delivered a snap neck breaker to White who was placed in the middle rope and then sent him into the barricade. Page launched White into the ring post. Page with a fallaway slam into a bridge for a near fall. Page with a fireman carry into a back breaker for a near fall. White delivered a snap back suplex. White delivered a back-to-back half-and-half suplex and then delivered a low suplex for a near fall. Page countered the Kiwi Crush with an inside cradle for a near fall. White delivered a low German suplex into a bridge for a near fall. Page with a firearm carry and then delivered a Hangman DDT to White. White delivered a German suplex from the ring apron to the floor which looked crazy. Page delivered a spinning neck breaker from the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Page and White exchange forearms. White delivered a back suplex to Page from the ring to the floor. White delivered back-to-back back suplex. Page countered the Blade Runner and delivered a power bomb and followed up with a pile driver for a near fall. Page delivered a running shooting star press from the ring apron and then delivered a standing moonsault from the top turnbuckle which got a pop. Page delivered a big lariat for a near fall. White delivered a half nelson suplex and followed up with the Kiwi Crusher for a near fall. Finish came with White countering the Right of Passage and delivered the Blade Runner for the win. 

  • This was a very good professional wrestling match but it didn’t reach the peak. Page and White worked really hard but the crowd wasn’t really into the match. After the match, Finlay appeared and speared White. Finlay said they would meet again and challenged White for the IWGP United States Title on April 24th at Korakuen Hall.

Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi) def. The Young Bucks

  • Rating: ****3/4

Matt and Nick Jackson delivered a double low dropick to Omega. Omega went for the Terminator Dive but Nick delivered a super kick to Omega. Nick delivered a springboard 450 to Ibushi and Omega on the floor. Nick delivered a leg drop to Ibushi as Matt grabbed a table from underneath the ring. Ibushi delivered a cross body to Nick on the floor a big pop. Ibushi went to make a tag but Nick pulled Omega from the ring apron. Matt delivered a buckle bomb and Nick delivered a kick to Ibushi but Omega broke the count. Omega delivered a cross body to Matt. Ibushi delivered a springboard dropkick to Nick. Ibushi delivered a thrust kick and Omega delivered a Guitar press to Nick. Omega delivered a standing moonsault from top turnbuckle to Nick. Ibushi went for a standing moonsault from the top turnbuckle but was botched. Omega delivered a rolling senton and then Kenny and Ibushi delivered triple moonsault from the middle turnbuckle (looked kind of sloppy) for a near fall. Omega delivered a back suplex to Matt on the ring apron. Omega delivered a head scissors but Nick landed on his feet and delivered a lung blower to Ibushi. Matt delivered a suicide dive to Omega. Matt delivered a blockbuster and Nick delivered a head kick for a near fall. Ibushi and Omega delivered a double team super plex to Matt. Nick delivered a German suplex to Omega on the ring apron. Ibushi delivered a release German suplex to Matt off Omega’s back for a near fall. Crowd chanted “This is Awesome” Matt delivered a super kick but Omega delivered a V-Trigger. Ibushi delivered a sit-out power bomb for a near fall. Omega delivered a V-Trigger but Nick broke the count. Nick delivered a super kick to Omega and standing monsault to Ibushi on the floor. Matt applied the sharpshooter to Ibushi and Nick delivered a slingshot X-Factor and then delivered a tornado DDT to Omega on the floor. Nick delivered a 450 splash to Ibushi and Matt delivered an elbow drop to Omega through the table. Nick delivered a 450 splash to Ibushi for a near fall. Nick delivered a leg sweep and then The Bucks delivered a double super kick to Ibushi. The Bucks delivered a super kick to Omega but Ibushi delivered a a double Pele Kick to Matt and Nick. Matt landed on his feet from a snap dragon suplex and delivered a jumping pile driver to Omega. Matt whipped Omega with his training belt. Omega delivered two V-Triggers but Matt delivered a spear.  The Young Bucks attempted the Meltzer Driver but Ibushi stopped it and delivered a Last Ride to Nick through the announcers table. Ibushi and Omega delivered the Indie Taker to Matt who kicked out. Ibushi convinced Omega to deliver a running V-Trigger to Matt and he obliged. Omega set up Matt for the One Winged Angel but hesitated. Matt then told Omega to deliver the One Winged Angel. Omega delivered the One Winged Angle but Nick made the save. Omega delivered a V-Trigger and Ibushi followed up with a snap dragon suplex. Ibushi and Omega delivered the Golden Trigger and then double pinned Matt for the win. 

  • This was just wild. An amazing tag team match as everyone worked really hard. The story telling in the match was great especially between Matt and Omega. This was easily the best match of the night and is running away with the best tag team match of the year. 


Cody came out and started to argue with Matt and Nick. Cody shoved Nick to the ground but Omega ran back to make the save. Omega offered his hand and Nick shook it. Matt didn’t shake his hand and left with Nick. Omega then cut a promo saying he might not be happy about what happened to The Elite. But the silver lining is that  The Golden Lovers are back. Omega then cut a promo on Cody. Omega said if you liked tonight’s match, things with ante up with they go to a bigger building. Omega and then said Goodbye and Goodnight as the show came to a close. 


NJPW Strong Style Evolved was a really long but was a pretty fun show show. The show had some good to very good professional wrestling match. The main event was awesome and was the highlight of the show. 

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